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   Chapter 278 I Don't Think It Will Work

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Mia had thought a lot when she was with Daniel these days.

From the first time she met him to now, he had done so much for her. When danger came, he frowned and pushed her away without hesitation. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get that scene out of her mind.

If Daniel didn't love her so much, how could he still care about her safety when he was dying?

After a while, Mia put down the bowl, looked at Bill and said, "When you're almost recovered, make an arrangement and we'll go back to NH City."

"Don't you wait for them to find Lora?" Bill asked in a low voice.

"No." Mia answered quickly.

Wait for what? Now that they had known that it was Lora who ordered the murder, the following things would naturally be handled by someone. After all, the killer directly attacked the baby outside the old house of the Su family, Ethan would definitely not let Lora go so easily. Not to mention that Floyd and the others had also been looking for Lora these days.

Mia didn't want to get involved in the follow-up work. Now she only cared about Daniel and Darin.

She looked at the quiet sleeping face on the bed and felt pain in her heart...

Suddenly her phone rang.

Looking at the name of Cathy on the screen, Mia adjusted her heavy breath and slid the answer key, "Cathy ~"


The voice on the other end of the phone made Mia feel uneasy. "What's wrong? Is there any news about Lora? "

"No...It's... "Cathy answered.

But she still stuttered and Mia couldn't understand what she meant. Mia asked nervously, "what? What happened?"

"Ah! Ethan's men took Jacob away. " Said Cathy, gritting her teeth.

"Why?" Mia asked in confusion.

It was Lora who did this. Even if Ethan wanted to capture someone to force Lora to show up, he should capture Melissa. Jacob was a member of the Yao family, and he had nothing to do with this matter. So what was Ethan doing?

"I don't know the details." After a pause, Cathy continued, "I

I didn't capture him." Ethan replied expressionlessly.


"I just invited him."

Before Mia could finish her words, Ethan answered lightly. But his words made her even more angry. To put it bluntly, it was a treat, but to put it bluntly, it was not a scratch. Mia coughed and asked, "Since you invited Jacob here, when can he go back?"

Ethan shook his head and said, "I don't know."

"You..."Mia was angry and aggrieved. Obviously she knew that Jacob was captured by him, but she didn't know what to do. So she said directly, "If you want to capture someone to let Lora show up, you should capture Melissa. What's the use of you capturing my brother?"

Ethan shrugged his shoulders and didn't answer. Mia sat for a few minutes, and Ethan didn't mean to speak at all. This made her unable to stay any longer. In the end, she left the old house of the Su family in depression.

After Mia left, Aiden bowed to Ethan, who was still sitting on the armchair, and said, "You are still hiding everything from her as before. No wonder she chose Daniel."

With a gloomy face and sharp eyes, Ethan looked at Aiden beside him and asked, "You know a lot?"

Touching the tip of his nose awkwardly, Aiden thought to himself, 'I know everything!' but his words changed unconsciously. "Not much, not much."

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