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   Chapter 268 So Handsome

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Outside the delivery room, Daniel was restless.

Holding the blanket, Cathy was also worried and nervous. But looking at Daniel who was pacing in front of her, she said irritably, "Can you be quiet?"

"I...Several hours had passed...This..." Daniel's words were incoherent, with a tense expression on his face.

"It's useless to be anxious." Cathy frowned.

It was Mia who gave birth to the baby, but she felt that the person who gave birth to the baby was more like Daniel in front of her.

"Click -"

The sudden voice made the two rush to the delivery room...

The door was opened. The nurse held the newborn baby and said to the two, "It's a boy, 6.6 pounds."

In the ward.

"It must hurt, right?"

"Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you have anything you want to eat?"

"Close your eyes and have a rest."

Daniel kept talking since Mia was moved to the ward. Mia didn't feel noisy or annoyed. She just stared at him with a smile from beginning to end.

"Mia..." Daniel held her hand tightly, but even if he lowered his head, his choked voice could not be concealed.


"I won't let you hurt again." He said painfully.

Mia was stunned for a while. She looked at Daniel in disbelief. After a long time, she muttered, "Why?"

She felt very guilty to marry him with Ethan's child.

She remembered that the night they got the marriage certificate, she said that if the baby was a boy, she would give birth to a daughter for Daniel.

She had made up her mind to say that.

"I don't want to hurt you anymore." Daniel kissed the back of her hand and said in a muffled voice.

Just during the delivery, he clearly heard her shouts and screams. Outside the delivery room, he was burning with anxiety and tension.

Mia was always the apple of his eyes. He would feel sorry for her for a long time even if she just falls down, let alone the heartbreaking cry. How could he bear it? How could...

"Don't be silly. It's normal that it's not easy to give birth to a baby." Cathy chuckled.

"Then we won't have a baby. We wo

replied naturally.

Hearing the noise, Eleanor ran out of her room and heard such a conversation. She stopped in an instant and her face turned pale.

Several words flashed through her mind: 'I'm doomed.'

She was doomed this time! Not only did she fail to do what Mr. Ethan had told her in person, but now the child's surname was also Daniel's family name.

It was really serious now.

"Eleanor?" Mia called her in confusion.

Eleanor came to herself in a hurry and answered with a stiff expression, "Yes, I'll be back soon after I change my clothes."

Mia thought Eleanor was wearing cool clothes and didn't care about it. She just chatted with Kate.

However, Daniel, who was standing beside Mia, took a serious look at the corridor where Eleanor's room was.

After a few simple words, Mia admired Kate very much. She had thought that Kate would only be good at taking care of the puerperal, but she didn't expect that Kate would also know so much about the new-born babies, which made her relieved. "Seriously, Kate, I want to learn from you how to take care of a child in the future."

"After you feel better I'll teach you, now you should take good care of yourself. I'll take care of the baby tonight." Kate said softly.

"Well..." Mia was about to refuse.

"Thank you, Kate." Daniel suddenly interrupted Mia and agreed with Kate's proposal.

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