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   Chapter 155 Floyd Jiang

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Ethan put one hand on the steering wheel and tapped it two times with the other. His side face was not only imposing, but also full of temperament.

Mia appreciated it and waited patiently.

After a while, Ethan turned his head and smiled at her. When he turned his head back to look at the road ahead, he said in a cold voice, "Why should I know him?"

The smile on Mia's face disappeared in an instant. This guy was even more hateful than when he was arrogant. Although she understood what he said was true, there was no need to do so.

"All right then." Mia turned her head to the window.

Seeing that it was almost the time to the 'Ferry Bar', Ethan's voice broke Mia's woolgathering. "Floyd Jiang is the elder brother of James, with the same father but different mother. Since he followed his mother into the Jiang family, He had been better than James in every aspect... You can probably think of the rest."

Ethan didn't say much, but it was true. If Floyd didn't play tricks on James, Ethan might really have no impression of Floyd.

"I just can't figure it out. How could Cathy sit together with Floyd?" Mia couldn't figure it out here.

Cathy was very picky about drinking. She usually ignored those who weren't her friends. What's more, Mia knew that Cathy didn't know Floyd and James at all before. Cathy might just read their gossip at most.

Judging from what Ethan said, Floyd might not be a good person.

But Mia felt that something was wrong. James was born by his first wife, while Floyd entered the Jiang family with his mother later. Ethan didn't say that Floyd was not Mr. Jiang's biological son, so it seemed that James had already been born before James had been born.


Ethan shook his head. How could he know why Cathy and Floyd were together?

When the car stopped outside the door of the 'Ferry Bar', Mia saw at a glance that Aiden waiting for them outside. The two got out of the car and went straight to Aiden.

"Hah ha... Mr. Ethan." Aiden's f

Cathy was furious.

Cathy had been trying to contact with Floyd. Now that he finally took the bait, she was interrupted by Mia before she started. If Floyd gave up or quit at this time, all her efforts she had made for so long would be in vain.

She was afraid that she would be in a mess herself, let alone looking for any clue.

Could her mother still wait? If it went on like this, her mom would probably be tortured crazy first.

"Cathy!" No matter how angry Cathy was, Mia couldn't believe that Cathy would say something that Cathy didn't want to see Mia at all.

It was too hurtful.

"Mia, don't you understand what I said! ?" She had told Mia not to make trouble. Didn't they have a tacit understanding?

"I understand." Mia stressed each syllable.

"Are you sisters?" Floyd suddenly asked for being silent for a long time.

If they were the daughters of the Yao family, the one he contact with most was Cathy, but the one he knew most was Mia.

He was surprised and confused when he knew that the bride had been changed, so he specially investigated the second daughter of Yao family.

But it was not as good as seeing. The real person was more beautiful than the photo.

Her clear eyes seemed to have magic, making people feel relax.

It turned out that Ethan who was famous liked this kind of woman.

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