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   Chapter 154 The Child Of William

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"Melissa, don't worry. I'm calling Lora now." William comforted Melissa on the other end of the phone.

Sara leaned against the wall again. Her heart sank and empty.

She felt that there was something called truth growing crazily in her mind from inside to outside.

"Lora, where are you?" William's voice sounded again in the bathroom.

"Why didn't you answer your mother's phone call and go back now?"

Outside the door, Sara's body suddenly froze. William's voice was very harsh, which made her feel familiar.

'Who on earth was this Lora?

Why did William treat her like a daughter?'

"Okay, okay, as long as you are obedient, Dad will satisfy you whatever you want." Not knowing what the person on the other end of the line said, William's tone softened a lot in an instant.

Sara's puzzled face turned pale in an instant.


The person named Lora was William's child?

No, no!'

William's voice sounded again, but it all turned into a roar in Sara's ears, like a train passing through a cave, which made her head swell and her eyes dark.

She dragged her weak body to the bedside. She had prepared a lot of handkerchiefs in the drawer. She was in urgent need of a handkerchief now. When she arrived at the bedside table, she became more and more careful, afraid of making any sound.

She finally took out the handkerchief, but before she could spread it out, the sweetness in her throat could no longer be suppressed.

Unlike before, she didn't even have a prelude to cough.

Thinking of the doctor's instructions today, her lips were stained with blood, and the corners of her mouth twitched sadly but beautiful.

At this time, the sound of the lock turning came out. Sara wiped her lips expressionlessly and put the handkerchief into the drawer. After that, she quickly climbed into bed.

She closed her eyes and calmed down her heart. The position beside her sank with William's acti

long time, she said angrily, "Put it on!"

She stretched out her arms directly to Ethan, but her beautiful eyes were quickly closed, and her cheeks were as red as peaches.

With a successful smile on his face, Ethan began to help Mia put on her clothes without hesitation. From time to time, the underwear and his arms would touch Mia's arms, which made Mia's face even redder. He held back his laughter and blew in her ear, "I have seen everything on your body. Don't be shy. It's just wearing clothes. "

"Get out of here, you!" Mia roared.

'How could he be more skilled at shameless skills? Not to mention this, he even used that seductive voice beside my ear. He really thought I was afraid of him?

Hold on...Hold on...'

Now Mia's whole heart was on Cathy. But she didn't know how long it would take for her to push Ethan down.

The process of getting dressed was finally over. Mia grabbed her phone and put it into her bag. However, Ethan came over and grabbed her phone, "No need for bag."

Mia nodded and replied, "Okay."

With him around, her bag was really useless. After leaving the room, he returned the phone to her.

After the car was started, Mia briefed the conversation on the phone and then asked, "You haven't answered me yet. Do you know Floyd?"

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