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   Chapter 144 It Tastes Good

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Only he knew what the status of body he was now.

He couldn't delay the will. If he died one day and the Su family was left, it would be a mess.

It was not that he didn't believe in Mrs. Su's ability, but she was a woman after all. In the face of the other half leaving first, she was not in the mood to think about anything else.

No matter how Mr. Su comforted her, the tears in Mrs. Su's eyes were running down.

She had never thought about these things. At this moment, looking at the will in her hand, she could not help but feel sad, as if she was suffocating.

When Ethan returned to his room, Mia was still holding a wooden box, lost in thought.

Under the dim light, her casual clothes made him feel comfortable, and her weak body cast a slender shadow. Thinking of the crazy night before, his whole body was as limp and numb as an electric shock running through his spine. After that, it was hard to explain.

He walked slowly to her side and asked in an extremely gentle tone, "What are you looking at?"

Mia regained her composure and gave him a hint of what was in the box.

She didn't know the value of this thing, but Ethan would definitely know it. Maybe letting him see it could solve her doubts.

Ethan glanced at her indifferently and said, "My mom is even willing to give this to you. Mia, you are such a treasure."

"What? This is really expensive. Please give it back to granny for me." Mia panicked and put the box into Ethan's arms.

"Do you think my mom's things are so easy to return?" Ethan flicked her forehead with his finger, and then bent over. The warmth he spat out was naughty. "When are you going to call her mom?"

Mia blushed and quickly took back her hand. The box fell on Ethan because of her action.

"What are you thinking about?" Ethan's warm breath drew the outline of Mia. Before she could dodge, he held her earlobe.


The voice came out, and Mia clenched her teeth shyly.

It must not be her! It must not be her!

What a s

remembered what happened last night. How could she agree with him now?

She pushed him away, grabbed her bathrobe and ran to the bathroom.

There were clothes of the two people scattered on the ground. Mia ground her teeth and cursed him.

After two bites of breakfast, she lowered her head and said in a muffled voice, "I'm going to work." She ran away from everyone's sight without looking back.

When she arrived at the garden, she pulled the turtleneck T-shirt she specially wore today.

"Are you thinking about last night again?" Ethan tried to hold back his laugh and teased her behind her ear.

"Damn you!" Mia roared angrily.

It was all because of this guy. Otherwise, she wouldn't be unable to raise her head in the old house! She didn't need to be regarded as a treasure!

"Let's go to work." With a smile, Ethan took Mia's hand and walked towards his car.

Mia was about to shake off his hand, but when she saw the car parking in the front yard, she depressed.

When she arrived at the HS Media, the time on the wall showed that she was about to be late in five minutes.

This made Mia curse him from head to toe again! She felt that the person by her side was not the Ethan she knew. This guy was so hateful by nature, but he always looked as if someone owed him tens of millions, as cold as an iceberg.

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