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   Chapter 141 Sister-in-law's Plea

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After a long time, Mia stopped shaking her legs.

Her leg seemed to cramp. 'Why didn't Ethan control himself last night?!'

Mia couldn't help cursing, "Bastard!"

"Who are you calling?" The door was pushed open and Ethan's voice floated over.

Mia turned around and looked at him discontentedly. 'Didn't he know who I was cursing? He had no self-knowledge at all.' What's more, he looked energetic, which made Mia snort coldly.

'It was really unfair!'

"I forgive you for your good performance last night." Ethan came over and put his arms around Mia's waist.

"Go away. Don't touch me." Mia lowered her head and didn't look into Ethan's eyes.

'Good performance? Forgive?

Could this guy use words? He was so gentle last night...Why was his words so annoying today?'

"If you want to have lunch with this look, I'm not only okay with it, but also willing to help you." Ethan leaned over and touched her neck with the tip of his nose. The warm breath made Mia tremble back a step.

"You are going to be late for work. Why do you still have lunch?" Mia was so angry that her cheeks bulged.

No one could be more weird than him. How could this guy make her blood vessels explode in such a few minutes?

"You don't need to go to work today." Ethan held Mia horizontally into the bathroom.

He would have let her go so easily if he wasn't afraid that she couldn't stand it.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Mia came to the hall and felt that everyone looked at her strangely. She felt uncomfortable and kept hiding behind Ethan. "What are they looking at?"

"Ha ha..."Ethan slightly laughed, took Mia's arm and took her to the table.

"Mia, how's your sleep?" Mrs. Su asked in a low voice.

Mia looked up and saw the satisfied smile on Mrs. Su's face, which made her hair stand on end.

"Well...I'm fine." Mia answered with a stiff scalp.

"I specially ordered the kitchen to make soup for you. Drink more." Mrs. Su took Mia's hand

omething has happened to him, so he went there for so long this time..." With red eyes, Suzy leaned back in the chair and cried bitterly.

Seeing the sudden change of Suzy, Mia was at a loss. She knew the news about Frank, but she couldn't tell it out. Mr. Su would come back to the old house of the Su family in the afternoon, and Frank would naturally come back.

But she didn't expect that Suzy would have such a painful time in so many days.

Mia knew that Suzy always had a faint smile on her face every day. During this period of time, she and Lucia always took good care of the Su family. She even taught Mia to plant flowers and stay with her when she was in a bad mood. In fact, all her own sadness was suppressed in the bottom of her heart.

'But...How could a person force a smile without showing any trace? Should I say Suzy is reasonable or stupid?'

Mia took out a tissue and handed it to Suzy.

She didn't know how to comfort Suzy. Her comfort had always been half true and half false. At this moment, facing Suzy's sadness, how could she say it?

Wiping the tears off her face, Suzy begged in a choked voice, "Mia, can you help me call Frank? I just want to know if he is fine."

"Well..."Mia didn't expect that Suzy would make such a request. She didn't know what to do at that moment.

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