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   Chapter 138 You Are Drunk

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Ethan looked at Mia in silence. His calm eyes made Mia feel colder.

"Okay, let's go inside. It's cold outside." Mrs. Su replied and walked into the living room with Ethan.

Looking at the tall and straight back of Ethan, Mia was very angry. She came to Suzy and held her arm, "Maybe Frank is still busy, or he will come back later."

Mia couldn't bear that Suzy kept looking at the gate in the distance, but Mia couldn't tell Suzy about Frank.

"It's okay. Let's go inside. Don't catch a cold." Suzy wiped her eyes and took Mia's hand to the living room.

Both Suzy and Mia were at the door. When Mrs. Su came up to Suzy, Mrs. Su scolded Suzy and showed great concern for Mia. The difference was that much. It was difficult for Suzy to pretend that she didn't receive it.

Mrs. Su and Ethan sat down at the table, and the people in the living room also stood up and came to the table. They were talking and laughing, but when they saw the two people with a cold face on the seat, the atmosphere quickly quieted down.

"Let's eat." Mrs. Su said in a low voice after everyone took their seats.

The atmosphere was so weird that Mia felt uncomfortable. If a family dinner was held in a situation where they had their own meals, there was no need for a family dinner at all.

After dinner, Ethan dragged Mia upstairs.

She had been waiting for him the whole night, but he didn't care about her action at all. She lost all hope, but he took action again.

She angrily looked at Ethan who was wrapped in a bath towel, but her anger was quickly suppressed by spinelessness. "Is there anything wrong?"

"My dad said he fell down by accident. Do you believe it?" Ethan stood by the bed and looked at her.

He was really upset. Even at this time, his dad still wanted to hide it. He was almost defeated by his stubborn old man.

"I believe... and don't believe it either." If it was said by Mr. Su himself, she would definitely believe it. But when she saw the smile in Ethan's eyes, she doubted again.

a helped Nora back to the private room. There were only a few unfamiliar colleagues in the room. She frowned slightly and looked at the previous two seats, but the place where the handbag was originally placed was empty.

Her bag was missing!

She frowned and looked around the rest of her colleagues.


Behind her, a man was walking towards them with a handbag in his hand. That was Carl.

"I thought you were drunk." Noticing the look in Mia's eyes, Carl explained quickly.

"We did drink a lot. Where is Ariel?" Mia hung two bags on her shoulders and asked.

"She said she had an appointment, and the others also found excuses to leave."

"Let's go."

With the help of Mia, Nora turned around and walked out, while Carl came up to hold her hand. The drunken Nora suddenly stared at Carl who came to her side.

As soon as Carl raised his hand, he didn't know where Nora got the strength to push him away. "Stinky Carl, I don't want you to help me."

"Stop it. We are sending you home now." Carl took a step back and looked at Nora helplessly.

"Just go home. We can leave by ourselves." Nora held Mia's arm tighter.


Nora is the only one who is drunk.'

Mia had no choice but to help the wobbling Nora walk out.

It was originally a few minutes' walk, but the three of them walked for ten minutes.

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