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   Chapter 134 It's So Disgusting!

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Ben was taken to the hospital, and the three of them went straight to Catherine's apartment.

It was a birthday gift from Catherine's father, and she had been living here since she grew up.

Mia was not curious about it at all. After all, how could a freak hope to live under the eyes of others all the time?

No, Catherine was not only a freak, but also a psychopath.

Otherwise, how could she be the host while being afraid?

With the presence of Dick, Mia finally felt a long lost sense of security. She leaned against the back seat and closed her eyes for rest.

In a daze, Dick's voice rang out, "Mr. Ethan, here we are."

Mia opened her eyes and looked at the community. She was familiar with this place, because it had been famous for a long time when it had just been built many years ago. Of course, it was not because of the housing price, but because it had become an apartment area of the rich kids.

At that time, Cathy's Wechat moments were almost filled with this area's photos, so she remembered it clearly.

The three of them got out of the car and headed for the destination.

Dick first politely rang the doorbell. Several times, there was no sound coming from inside. He looked at the two people.

"Smash it!" Ethan glared at Dick angrily.

Dick was so scared that he didn't dare to waste any time. But he was not a person like Nick who would smash anything that was in his way.

While Mia was still shocked by Ethan's rude words, the door opened with a click.

The way she looked at Dick changed instantly.

What was her first impression of Dick? How did she get that?

She really doubted if she had really seen Dick clearly. It was good for her to take him out without any obstacles. It was the best chance for her to escape. He could open any door.

"Uh... Ahem!" Facing Mia's eyes, Dick scratched his head with embarrassment.

Mia turned her head away decisively, ignoring Dick's cute behavior.

The decoration of Catherine's house was full of princess style, pink walls, cute crystal pet chandelier, and snow-white carpet...

'Tut, tut, there is no problem with

gether in the hands of Ethan in the MY City tomorrow.

He was just kidding. When he heard what Ethan had said, he felt horrible.

Ethan didn't say anything in a hurry. He slowly raised his head and expressionlessly looked at Dick, who was turning his head and waiting. Ethan's red lips suddenly twitched. "What do you think?"

His voice was smiling, but it made the two people in the car tremble at the same time, Mia and Dick.

Mia was completely implicated. Now she only had 'admiration' for Dick. How could he stay by the side of Ethan till now for his lower intelligence?

The faint smile on Dick's face instantly froze.

What did he think? How dare he say that?!

He dared to say anything else, but this... Mr. Ethan was completely irritated by Catherine. That freak! He couldn't guess right now...

Having no choice, Dick had to turn to Mia for help.

Aiden had said that if you dared to provoke Ethan, but it was not a good choice to provoke Mia.

Why? You just suffered a little when you offended Ethan. If you offended Mia, I'm sorry. I can only send you two words: take care.

Mia's mind was in a mess, and suddenly a whining look fell on her face. She raised her head confusedly and saw Dick's sad face.

The light of seeking help in Dick's eyes became brighter, and Mia felt it funny. She spoke out the name of Catherine softly.

Dick cupped his hands and smiled at her again.

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