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   Chapter 112 It's Time For You To Be Afraid

Craving For You By Yu Xin Characters: 6911

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The familiar coldness became more and more obvious at the moment.

Her arm was pulled and rotated, and a cold face flashed through her eyes.

Mia was so shocked that she fell into a warm chest. The warm and strange breath sprinkled on half of her face.

However, a handsome face that she was very familiar with suddenly appeared in her mind.

She suddenly broke free from Daniel's arms and said in a flustered tone, "After the dance, remember what you promised me."

"Well, okay." Daniel nodded with a smile.

After getting the answer, Mia fled to Nora and the others.

Her heart was beating fast.

She saw the owner of the cold eyes just now.

"Ah, slow down, slow down!" Seeing Mia trotting with the hemline of her dress, Nora hurried forward to stop her.

She was already worried enough about Mia after the whole dance with wounds.

With the help of Nora, Mia sat down, but she couldn't calm down. She looked around quickly, but found that there was no trace.

'Did I see it wrong just now?

But...How could I be wrong? His eyes were just in the direction of the entrance of the hall. That kind of familiarity, that kind of coldness, that kind of sharpness, how could I see it wrong?'

"Mia, what are you looking for? Mr. Jiang has left. " Nora looked at Mia in confusion for a few times and then reminded her.

Mia looked up at Nora, and then quickly lowered her head.

In an instant, she raised her head again and said to Molly who was standing aside, "The rest depends on you. After all, the interview is your and Carl's work."

"But, I..."Molly lowered her head and said in a low voice.

"Molly, this is your job. That's all I can do. " Mia fixed her eyes on the girl with her head down.

She also knew that Molly was just lack of confidence, but how much could she do after Ariel left the four of them here irresponsibly.

"Trust yourself. You will behave well." Mia stood up and walked to Molly in two steps. With encouragement, her arm fell on Molly's shoulder.

Molly raised her head and looked at Mia with a pair of bew

s contemptuous smile! Mia, let me tell you, I won't let you go easily if you break my good plan! !"

"Let me go." Mia looked at the hand on her arm coldly.

Instead of letting her go, Catherine held her more tightly.

Mia held the glass in one hand and pushed the big hand on her arm with the other.

But she underestimated Catherine's strength. When she reached out to resist, Catherine grabbed her arm with the other hand.

Mia frowned and tried to get rid of her.

The liquid in Mia's hand spilled on the bodies of them during her struggle, and the wine glasses also fell to the ground, blooming beautiful white glass flowers.

The next moment, Catherine shouted in a sharp voice, "ah! You bitch! My dress is a customized limited edition. "

"I..." Mia was about to say something, but Catherine grabbed her neck instead.

The sharp nails scratched her fair neck, but she couldn't care about it now, because she was pressed on the railing by Catherine.

The sound of waves hitting the yacht came to her ears. Mia turned her head and looked at the sea with difficulty. Dizziness and fear welled up in her heart. Her face was pale. She gritted her teeth and looked at the angry Catherine. She wanted to say something, but she could only make a cough.

"Ha ha, it's time for you to be afraid." Catherine looked at the panic in Mia's eyes and laughed loudly.

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