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   Chapter 110 Free Play

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Rose's working ability was well known as the number one in HS Media group. Perhaps this case could be easily solved without Rose's help.

After all, the new comers should also be given opportunities to grow up.

'I was a newcomer in this industry from head to toe, and Ariel must have known who I gonna choose to go on a business trip, so she chose me and Nora.

At half past seven in the evening.

On the luxurious cruise ship...

In the magnificent hall, a man stood in the center of the stage and spoke fluent Chinese.

He was wearing a formal suit, emitting a dazzling light under the light.

Even his black clothes couldn't hide his extraordinary beauty. His chestnut colored long hair was arranged meticulously, and the two handsome eyebrows made his face almost perfect.

He looked noble and elegant.

"After Mr. Jiang's speech, you can do whatever you want." The voice with Ariel rang in their ears. The next moment, she smiled brightly and walked towards the spiral staircase with a glass of champagne in her hand.

Daniel Jiang was a legend in the art world.

There were only six works from him, and only five were shown in front of the world.

And his sixth work had always been a mystery.

Because no one had really seen his last work.

And because of so, the rumor became more miraculous.

"Free play." Nora murmured and looked at Mia.

Mia nodded slightly to show that she knew.

She didn't care about the rumors about Daniel. She came here just to complete the task. That's all.

After all, she didn't know much about painting.

"Mia, look!" Nora suddenly raised her voice, and Mia looked in the direction she pointed.

Many people in colorful dresses were slowly descending from the spiral staircase.

Because of today's occasion, Mia and the others were all dressed up. If she didn't do so, it would be difficult for her to even climb up to the ship.

"Okay." Mia was still indifferent.

"No, No. look over there." As soon

ry, I won't answer any questions before the dinner is over." Daniel's magnetic voice replied unhurriedly. He nodded gently and politely, and lifted his leg walking to the other side.

In the past, HS Media hadn't talked to Daniel. This was the first time for them to have a face-to-face contact with him. If Catherine seized the opportunity, HS Media would have no hope to take it back.

Mia loosened her hemline and clenched her fists.

Somehow, she was encouraged to move forward quickly. Her arm fell on the shoulder of Molly. Looking at Daniel who had just taken a step forward, she called in a soft voice, "Mr. Jiang, I've heard a lot about you."

All of a sudden, a silvery voice attracted the attention of the people around. At this moment, Mia had no time to care about the thoughts of the people around.

Daniel had stopped in front of them. Mia held the trembling Molly in her arms and chased after Daniel.

Before she came to Daniel, he had turned around. His gentle eyes lit up and turned into confusion.

"What?" Daniel's face was full of confusion.

The smile on Mia's face became more beautiful. She stood still and said softly, "Mr. Jiang, do you have some time?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Daniel suddenly chuckled, "Of course I have time, but I don't know if you can seize it."

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