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   Chapter 109 This Feeling Is Called Missing

Craving For You By Yu Xin Characters: 7007

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The delicate flowers in the flower nursery were still blooming, and since Mia entered the flower nursery, her whole heart fell on the Sakuragasumi CL.

To be exact, it landed on the footprints around the Sakuragasumi CL.

"These delicate flowers really need to be carefully cultivated and taken care of."

Mrs. Su's sigh brought Mia back to reality.

She followed the direction of Mrs. Su's gaze and didn't find anything unusual.

The woman next to her seemed to have seen through her doubts and explained softly, "Look here, the flowers are a little messy."

The corners of Mia's mouth twitched. She really didn't know what was wrong with these flowers. Each of them was as beautiful as they used to be.

"Mia, go walking by yourself." Mrs. Su said and walked to the other side. After a while, she was holding a trolley in her hand, on which there were all kinds of pruning tools.

Looking at these tools, Mia felt happy in her heart.

Mrs. Su even extinguished the sign of her lie.

"Okay, I'll be there soon." Suppressing the joy in her heart, Mia limped quickly towards the Sakuragasumi CL.

Two rows of flowering shrubs came down, but she did not see the footprints that she had been worried about. She was confused and continued to look for them.

'Did someone come in and erase the traces?

It was not so clean that there was not even a single footprint left. Recently, there had been a lot of accidents in the old house, and it was not a small matter.

How could the owner of the footprints care about the footprints left?'

Mia didn't believe it.

Sure enough, she found those footprints after searching several rows.

However, as she stared at the footprints in the flowering shrubs, she became more confused.

Why were these footprints different from what she had seen last time?

She squatted down to observe the footprints carefully.

It was not difficult to see from the footprints that their masters were a man and a woman. She first measured the woman's footprints with her hands. When she found that the footprints didn't match the one in the mo

herself back from the disturbing thoughts.

"Next, everybody listen to me! When I call your name, pack up and we'll go out of the field." Ariel stood in the middle of the company and said in a loud voice.

The colleagues all looked at her, holding their breath.

Mia was not in the mood and looked away after a while.

Ariel had put more than half of the burden on her shoulders, but she hadn't solved a case yet, so it was none of her business to go out this time.

But the next moment, the voice made her freeze.

"Mia, Nora, Carl...and Molly." Mia was the first one to be called by Ariel, so she had thought that Ariel would called the people who interviewed Fred before.

But she didn't expect that at the end, the names Ariel said made her feel a little confused.

Obviously, Molly was going to take over Rose's work, but Mia had never heard of this name.

"You must be familiar with this trip. Check the information again." The voice with Ariel rang between Mia and Nora.

Nora opened the file and said, "Mia and I were familiar with this file. I'll give it to Molly later."

"Okay." Ariel replied with a faint smile, then she patted the shoulders of the two and turned back to her office.

The next moment, Nora's voice rang in Mia's ear, "Now you can feel how vengeful our editor in chief was."

Mia didn't answer, but there were some little changes in her mind.

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