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   Chapter 108 The Second Weirdo

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After roughly browsing through the materials, Mia turned around and stared blankly at Nora, who was so excited with bright eyes. Mia was moved and bitter at the same time.

Mia hadn't finished reading the materials and materials in her hands yet. Nora not only finished reading them in a few days, but also made key records.

More importantly, it took Nora one night to figure out a clear path for the target Mia had chosen.

"Don't look at me like that. Is there anything wrong? I'll correct them after I finish my work." Nora's excited smile frozen on her face. She twitched her mouth and said.

Nora had never thought that she could pass the review of Mia immediately, and what Nora needed to do was to try her best to do it well.

Nora just wanted Mia to not misunderstand her.

"Nora, thank you." Mia murmured, moved.

She saw what Nora had done and kept it in mind.

"Is that okay?" Nora raised her head quickly again. Nora was eager to get the answer and couldn't help holding Mia's arm tightly.

"Very good." Mia didn't look at it carefully. She believed that these materials were not bad for Nora's intentions.

Yes, she believed in Nora.

Mia believed Nora as long as Nora did it, Nora would try her best to do it.

Mia's ankle was injured. Even if the interview of Ethan could end perfectly at the moment, they could not go there.

Ethan hadn't come back from his business trip. Mia temporarily put aside his exclusive interview, and began to sort out and absorb the information given by Nora.

"Mia, here you are." Nora was holding two cups of coffee with a small white box under her arm.

There was a key lying in the middle of the box and a note beside it.

'The key to my home. '

Mia ignored the red heart and romantic words written in the lower right corner. She held the key in her hand and checked it over and over again, but she still couldn't figure out what Aaron meant.

At this time, a WeChat message came in. It was a photo sent by Aaron.

He was already at home. Mia quickly typed, 'Why do you give me th

poiled child in a pitiful manner. She had to go there. Otherwise, if she allowed herself to think too much, she would be worried.

And she didn't want to become suspicious every time.

That would do no good to everyone.

"Would you like some soup?" Mrs. Su suppressed the affection and kindness in her eyes, turned her face and asked again.

Mia was confused why Mrs. Su couldn't let her go.

The soup she had before was made of ingredients that she couldn't recognize, and it didn't smell bad. But this time was different. Mia saw the servants put all the rest of the pig feet into the pot.

"Oh, Linda, I don't want that ingredient today." Mrs. Su stopped Linda and changed her direction.

"I'll drink it!" Mia gritted her teeth and spoke out two words with difficulty.

"No more ingredients. Cover the lid and cook." Mrs. Su ordered, turned around and led Mia out.

The faint smile of the person next to her made Mia realize that she was fooled.

Mrs. Su had already seen through Aiden's persistence, so she put forward conditions on the soup.

Now that things had come to this, what else could Mia say? If Mia hadn't been eager to check the footprints, she wouldn't have fallen into the pit.

'It seems that I should not only be careful of Mrs. Su's brainwashing skills, but also pay attention to her intelligence and little tricks in the future.'

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