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   Chapter 106 A Strange Atmosphere

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The atmosphere in the old house had become a little strange since something went wrong with Mr. Su. And now the atmosphere in the old house became much weirder because of what happened to Oliver.

Everyone present knew that Oliver had owed a huge amount of gambling debts, but Mia didn't know this.

Looking at the seats above the table, Mia couldn't help asking, "Haven't Oliver and others arrived yet?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she clearly felt that the expressions of the people on the table changed slightly. She couldn't help but ask in an almost inaudible voice, "hmm?"

Mia was confused about this question, and at the same time, she was also confused about everyone's reaction.

"Maybe he took his wife and children out for dinner." Mrs. Su still did what she was doing, and answered Mia casually.

Mia answered in a muffled voice and began to eat.

Ethan sent her back to the Yao family on purpose. She didn't understand at first, but now she did.

'Something must have happened in the old house and Ethan didn't want me to know.

Was it because of Oliver?

It didn't make sense.

Oliver was an honest man, he always smiled when he saw people. What's more, Mr. Su was his father, he had no reason to do that.

Moreover, when Mr. Su was found, Oliver should be in the company or just arrived home. The time was a little wrong.

Is that Lisa?

Not really. Although Lisa liked to take advantage of others and argue with others, she restrained herself in front of the two elders.

Besides, I didn't think Lisa dared to do so...'

After dinner, Mia still didn't come up with a reasonable explanation to convince herself.

Until the dinner was over, she still didn't see Oliver and his family.

The phone in her bag began to vibrate...

When she saw the familiar name, she suddenly remembered that she didn't call Aaron to inform him of her safety when she got home. She was lack of confidence when she answered the phone, "Sorry, Aaron... I forgot. "

"Silly girl, I know you have forgotten."

Aaron said in a low voice and deleted the photos one by one from the camera in front of him. He handed the camera back t

der and louder, and Mia's spine was cold, and her hair stood up all over her body. She relaxed herself and tried to ignore the rustle sound behind her.

But the more she comforted herself, the more scared she was.

Just as she stood on tiptoe to steady the swing, a black shadow appeared in her shadow above the left side of the ground.

She thought maybe she was blinded. However, When she was about to jump off the swing, the figure swayed. Mia's face turned pale in an instant. She was so frightened that she wanted to turn her head to check what was going on, but a strong force behind her pushed her out.

Her body flew out uncontrollably. The next moment, a muffled sound with pain swept her all over her body.

But at this moment, there was something more important than pain. She turned around quickly, but saw nothing.

The wind was still blowing the bushes.

Mia stared at the trees in the distance without blinking, but no matter how the night wind blew them, she did not find a figure hiding behind the trees.

The roar of the car came closer and closer. Mia wanted to stand up, but found that she twisted her foot. She curled up her injured foot and quickly jumped to the center of the garden.

"Mia!" A car stopped in front of Mia. Then, Fred got off the car and came to her.

"Hey, aren't you at home?" Mia asked curiously.

"Yes, I was." Without further explanation, he fixed his eyes on her injured leg.

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