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   Chapter 105 The First Deep Kiss

Craving For You By Yu Xin Characters: 6515

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When Mia arrived at the ward of the hospital, Aaron was looking at his phone.

The afterglow of the setting sun made him more handsome, and the fur on his face could be seen clearly from the side.

She looked at it for two seconds and then continued to walk.

"Mia, you are here!" Aaron raised his head and looked at Mia happily.

"Well, you look much more energetic." Mia walked in, pulled a chair and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I can go through the discharge formalities tomorrow." As Aaron spoke, he took a red apple from the side and began to peel it. "I'm good at peeling fruit now. Have a taste later."

"Don't bother. I'm not thirsty." Mia refused his kindness decisively.

She came here not only to visit him, but also to tell him something. But when Mia was really sitting down, she suddenly couldn't say anything.

Mia concealed the confusion in her heart, but when she raised her head, she met a pair of eyes that were hidden with disappointment. Aaron's voice also dimmed, "Mia, you never say 'don't bother' to me. You never bother me."

Such eyes and words made her feel a little guilty.

She didn't think too much, but she really had no appetite to eat. That was why she refused him. She didn't want to make him sad.

"Sorry, I..."

"Shh, don't say sorry. Never say sorry to me." He raised his head and put his index finger on her lips, preventing her from continuing to apologize.

Mia was stunned by his sudden movement. Her lips felt the familiar temperature, but now mixed with the smell of medicine floating in the air, making her a little more familiar.

She swallowed two times and felt dry and uncomfortable.

"You little fool, you are my Mia. I am willing to do anything for you. Don't say that again." After saying that, he withdrew his hand and continued to peel the fruit.

Mia was immersed in self-blame and entanglement.

"Mia, trust me. It won't be long. I will work harder after I recove

that Aaron gave her a French kiss.

Suddenly, she thought of the man who always gave her French kisses. Ethan...

'Oh my God!

What am I doing?!'

Frowning, she patted Aaron's arm and murmured, "I... I'm out of breath... Are you mad?"

She forced herself to speak out what she wanted to say.

As expected, he stopped and slowly left her lips.

He stood up and kissed her again between her eyebrows.

Mia stood up with the help of Aaron. She reached out for her handbag. Suddenly, she heard footsteps in the room, which made her slow down a little.

Mia looked up and saw an acquaintance. She nodded with a smile, grabbed her bag and walked out. "I'm going back. Remember to grab some food."

Aaron's eyes were full of smile behind her, but he also knew that he couldn't provoke her too much, or he would be the one to be sad in the end. "Well, I'll ask him to send you back."

"No, thanks." Mia refused and strode out.

It was not until the taxi arrived at the old house of the Su family that Mia regained some of her thoughts and senses.

Getting off the car, she took a look at the old house, took a deep breath and walked inside.

In the old house, everyone was heading for the dining room.

"Mia, come and have dinner." Mrs. Su said and led Mia to the dining table.

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