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   Chapter 104 Fell In Love With Him

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The sudden change of Ethan made Mia sad and hurt.

She pulled the quilt and got into it, but her eyes were fixed on the figure printed on the glass.

When the water stopped flowing, she looked away in a hurry, but she still wanted to pay attention to Ethan from the corner of her eyes.

Ethan was wrapped in a gray bath towel and casually wiped two drops of wet long hair with his hands. Then he lay beside Mia.

Mia waited for a while, but the short time made her feel very long. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his waist, but her head did not go with her body.

Ethan looked down at her. It was obvious that her action made him confused. He asked in a light voice, "I let you go, but what do you mean by doing this now?"

"Sleep." Mia replied in a muffled voice.

She didn't want to see him wipe his hands again. She didn't want to be stung by his unintentional movements, and she didn't want to change the habit of hugging each other and sleeping before.

Did she fall in love with him?

She had to admit that she really fell in love with Ethan, just at the time that her emotions were in a mess...

However, she hadn't handled the matter of Aaron well. She didn't like to be unclear in love, but since she was targeted by Ethan, she has been in an unclear vortex.

"Sleep on your own." Then he prepared to pull her arm away.

It was really uncomfortable to take a cold shower in the middle of the night. One time was enough. He didn't want to get up again.

Why did he say that he would let her go? Wasn't he the one who should be spared more?

"Please don't do that. I just..."Mia tightened her arms around his waist.

"It's just that you don't love me. Go to sleep." Ethan stopped pulling her arm away and closed his eyes.

'It's just that you don't love me.

You don't love me...'

Hearing this, Mia was depressed, and just like that her chest was blocked by a big stone. She moved close to Ethan, put her palm on his chest, and sobbed, "I'm sorry."

Pretending not to hear, Ethan breathed

ad and interrupted her explanation in a soft but decisive tone. When Nora raised her head, Mia said, "You can put the rest aside. Let's do this first. There should be a few days left. I'll finish this interview when the draft is finished. "

"Oh my god! Really? "

Mia nodded and said, "Don't be happy too early. The draft needs to be revised, and then we have to give it to someone to review. After he says OK, then we can rearrange it." Mia said an approximate time.

She wanted to give Nora enough time to prepare. The draft was almost done, and with the materials that Ariel had given her before, it was finished with embellishment and modification.

As for the review, it was fine to leave it to Aiden.

In the afternoon, Mia took the initiative to report the progress of Ethan's interview to Ariel. Mia had thought that she would be mocked by Ariel, but she didn't expect that Ariel's attitude was very good.

Mia didn't understand why Ariel changed so much until she came out and showed the draft to Nora.

Everybody in the office were full of disbelief. They probably didn't expect that Ethan would allow her to write him in such a detailed way, thought Mia...

When it was time to get off work, Mia didn't receive any call from Aiden, nor did she see the familiar car downstairs. She simply took a taxi to the hospital in her high heels.

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