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   Chapter 103 Please Let Me Go

Craving For You By Yu Xin Characters: 4190

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"I got her a ride." Replied Ethan.

'How could Mia use the word "send"? I was just stopped by Cathy on the way to pick up Mia. That's all.'

"Okay..." Mia replied and turned to look out of the window.

The night was beautiful, and the street lamps looked a little lonely on the wide road, just like her at the moment.

Cathy's words appeared in her mind again. After pondering for a long time, she turned to look at Ethan beside her and asked softly, "if I like you, will I get the same love from you?"

The car suddenly slowed down. Obviously, Ethan didn't expect that Mia would suddenly ask about this topic. He smiled and said in a tone that couldn't hide the joy in his heart at the moment, "Silly girl, of course I will."

He liked Mia more than simply. He had been waiting for her response and he thought it would take a long time, but he didn't expect that the surprise would come so fast.

His magnetic and joyful voice was indeed much better than his gloomy voice, but this joy was because of her.

For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

She was wondering whether she should directly tell Ethan that Cathy liked him and Cathy was even full of expectation for the marriage, looking forward to a dramatic turn.

Mia wanted to

icine called seduction, attracted Mia to nod her head unconsciously.

As long as she could stop Ethan, she would definitely lower her head.

This feeling was too painful, like suffering. Mia was afraid that her willpower and perseverance would collapse. She was afraid that she would not control herself, and that she would really accept the man in front of her...

Ethan's eyes were burning, and his thin red lips became more and more enchanting. He stared at Mia without blinking.

The next second, the crystal in her eyes dispelled his complacency and his desire.

'Mia hadn't fallen in love with me until now!

Until now, she still resisted my closer action!'

It was enough for Ethan to know this.

He pulled the clothes scattered aside and wrapped himself up. Then he went into the bathroom without looking back.

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