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   Chapter 102 Numb To The Bone

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"Mia, did I beg you to care about me? If it weren't for you...Oh, forget it! I'm insane to talk so much to you. Go back to your room. I'm going to sleep. " As Cathy spoke, she pulled up the quilt beside her and was about to bury herself in it again.

Mia quickly grabbed the quilt in her hand and asked, "Tell me, if it's not something! !"

"Let me go!" Cathy glanced at the back of her white hand and said with a gloomy face.

"I will let you go if you make it clear." Not to be outdone, Mia replied in a tough attitude.

"Well, since you want to listen to me so much, I'll tell you." As Cathy spoke, she loosened the quilt in her hand.


Mia didn't expect that Cathy would let go of her without warning. She took two steps back and fell to the ground. Then she pretended as if nothing had happened and quickly got up.

"If you hadn't taken photos secretly at the beginning, how could things turn out like this? If you hadn't come back so early, perhaps everything wouldn't have started! Did you hear that? Can you go out now? Close the door, thanks! " Cathy gritted her teeth and said a lot in one breath.

Mia seemed to be taken care of by God. A thunder exploded in her mind, and her legs seemed to be filled with lead, unable to move at all. She looked incredulously at Cathy, who had her back to her, and her heart ached more and more.

In the beginning, Mia didn't go there without permission. She had gracefully told her sister about this topic. It was because Cathy was curious about Ethan and was not willing to see her marriage be arranged, so Mia acquiesced.

'Why did Cathy think so? ?

I had asked Cathy if she minded it and if she liked Ethan. But how did she answer at that time? She said that she still wanted to thank me...

It turned out that all this was fake...'

"Cathy, you are a coward. Why don't you tell me that you like Ethan? I had been going to tell him, but you stopped me. You're so coward. " Mia said in a low voice, staring at the woma

indifference and asked.

The thin little girl in his arms was cold. No matter how hard he tightened his grip, her temperature did not rise again, which made him a little irritable.

If he knew that it would be like this after Mia went back to the Yao family, he would definitely not let her go back.

"I forgot it." Mia looked at her little feet and realized that she didn't wear shoes. She shook her feet and turned to look at Ethan. "It's so late. Why are you here?"

"I'll take you home." Ethan said softly.

[姚歆宸] nodded and let him carry her into the car. Mia seemed to have become a soft bone, leaning against Ethan. Until the car started, she wanted to lean against the passenger seat, but his arm pulled her back hard, making her lean on his shoulder.

In the villa of the Yao family behind them, a man and a woman were standing in the same position upstairs and downstairs respectively.

Jacob was expressionless, and Cathy was tearful.

Jacob's eyes were hard to see through, while Cathy's eyes were full of apology and determination.

The luxurious car was running steadily on the asphalt road in the quiet light on the ground...

Not long after, the temperature in the car gradually rose, and Mia finally moved uncomfortably, and the first word she said made Ethan stunned.

"You sent Cathy back?"

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