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   Chapter 101 Asking For Trouble

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Ethan closed the bathroom door and walked over to Jasper expressionlessly. "How do you know I'm going out?"

He didn't plan to take Mia back today, so he sent her back to live for one night. He hadn't thought of that little figure since he came back, but now he began to think of her because of a joke from Jasper.

"Aren't you going out?" Jasper didn't answer, but the smile on his face became more obvious.

Glancing at Jasper, Ethan pulled off the towel hanging on his neck, wiped his hair and asked, "What's up?"

"Cough..."Noticing that Ethan deliberately changed the topic, Jasper coughed and said seriously, "Thank you for what you did just now."

Ethan looked at him expressionlessly again, "It's not you who should thank me."

"But the accounts went wrong. It's all my fault." Jasper said seriously.

'If Dad knew it, he would be disappointed in me.

And he could only know the truth from Ethan. How could he not be disappointed?'

After all, Ethan was the head of the Harrison Group. After such an investigation, Ethan was sure to know Derrick's financial strength.

Anyway, Jasper felt a sense of crisis.

"Is there still no result for our father's matter?" Jasper observed Ethan secretly.

"No." Ethan answered without hesitation.

"Come on, stop pretending. Just take it as our father is on a holiday. Hurry up and find that person out. " Jasper stood up and said with a smile.

When he just knew that Mr. Su had disappeared, he already knew who had done it. In the old house of the Su family, there were probably two people who could do this silently, Ethan and Mrs. Su.

What Oliver said tonight confirmed his guess.

It was not only Ethan who was worried, but also he was more worried. He was even a little scared when he thought about it now.

This was in their own home, and Mr. Su would encounter such a poison. If they didn't find that person earlier, Dad's safety would be a problem.

It's really hard to deal with...

But it had to be admitted that Eth

't you going to wash yourself? It's not good for your skin to sleep with makeup. " Mia lowered her hands and said softly.

She didn't want Cathy to get sick, but she knew that Cathy wouldn't listen to anything at this time. At the same time, she knew that Cathy cared about her own appearance.

But she didn't expect that she was wrong this time.

With a disgusted look on her face, Cathy covered her head with the quilt and said in a muffled voice, "Whatever, I'm already 26 years old, I won't die even if I sleep with makeup. Besides, no one likes me. I'm not like you. You just went out once and picked up a rich husband when you came back. "

These series of words, like jumping candies, entered Mia's ears and began to freely and casually release in the depths of her ears.

These harsh words could not be swallowed by Mia. She asked softly, "You deliberately pretended not to care in front of me, and you just want to say the last sentence to me."

"Ha ha!" a sneer came from Cathy.

Mia couldn't help shivering. It was the first time that Cathy laughed at her in a strange and torturing way.

"You are're asking for trouble!" Cathy suddenly sat up and shouted.

"You are the one asking for trouble, not me! Can't you see who really cares about you?" Mia gritted her teeth and shouted in a low voice.

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