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   Chapter 98 Exposure Of Shares

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Ethan stood up, glanced around the living room, and turned to the second floor.

"Ethan, did I tell the truth?" Not only was Oliver not timid, but his words were also full of pressure.

If Oliver didn't mention this topic, he would be worried, nervous and scared. Now, all his emotions were gone with his words.

Ethan stopped and his eyes lit up with interest. With a faint smile at the corners of Ethan's mouth, he turned around and looked at Oliver, "Is that what you want to say?"

"Ethan, what Oliver said... Is that true?" Suzy couldn't hide the shock in her eyes.

"How could it be the only one?" Oliver became more confident. He continued to throw a heavy bomb, "Mia has taken ten percent of the shares of the Derrick Group. I believe that no one knows the news, right?"

"What? Ten percent! !" Lisa screamed.

"It doesn't matter even if it's ten percent. The rest of the shares are grandpa's. He can give them to whoever he wants." Although Ryan was shocked, he could accept it.

Because it was Mia.

He didn't care how much she took.

"Ryan's right. Our father has been carrying the Derrick Group on for so long. As children, don't always think about taking the painstaking efforts from the elderly." Jasper looked at his son with admiration in his eyes.

"Our father's belongings will eventually be left to us. You are wrong." Lisa refuted Jasper's words, and then glanced at Ethan in the distance. She said in a lower voice, "Besides, our shares belong to our family, but the shares in Mia's hands are hers. It's just an engagement. Our father has given her so much. What if Mia just wants to get the shares of the Derrick Group?"

What if, after Mia and Ethan get married, dad gives all the rest shares to Ethan and Mia?

She didn't say that, but everyone must be smart enough to understand what she meant.

"Lisa, Mia is not the kind of

valued family affection very much in his heart, but Ethan was unwilling to show it.

And what Oliver said exhausted Jasper's patience.

There was no difference between the Harrison Group in Ethan's hand and the Derrick Group. Ethan didn't even want to get any bonus, so how could he care about the large sum of money in their father's hand.

In other words, even if their father gave all his shares to Ethan, Jasper was not unwilling at all.

Ethan's strength and ability clearly showed that Ethan could take the Derrick Group to the next floor, and even... to a higher level.

Jasper knew that he couldn't do that.

"How can you be sure that the Harrison Group has never been helped by the Derrick Group, or our father?" Oliver looked at Jasper strangely.

"Oliver, are you crazy?" Jasper said angrily, "It was not until the Harrison Group became stronger and stronger that we knew the leader behind it was Ethan. Our parents didn't know it in advance!"

What Jasper said was true, but at this moment, it sounded different in Oliver's ears. "Who knows?"

"You are insane! You never listen to others! !" Jasper shouted at Oliver and leaned against the sofa angrily. Lucia gently patted Jasper's chest to make him breathe smoothly.

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