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   Chapter 96 Forcing A Smile

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Ethan knew that Mia misunderstood him. Instead of being angry, he laughed and said, "Can you act?"

"What do you mean?" Mia asked angrily.

"If you had known the truth, you wouldn't have reacted like that yesterday."

Mia thought Ethan was right in this part.

But even so, she was still a little angry.

"Then why do you choose to let me know now? ? If you keep it a secret, it won't affect your plan at all!"

"Because of the dream." Ethan replied softly.

It was Mia's dream last night that made him change his mind. He wanted to tell the truth, but was interrupted by Liu. That was why this was happening.

Ethan looked at Mike, who was standing awkwardly, and said, "Thank you for taking care of my father."

"Don't worry." Mike replied.

Of course Mike knew what Ethan meant. Mike believed that Ethan wouldn't have come here in a short time if Ethan hadn't wanted Mia to rest assured.

At this time, Aiden came in, with a full file bag in his hand, and handed it to Ethan.

Mike made an excuse to leave the room with a discerning look on his face. Mia walked to Mr. Su's bed first and asked the doctors who were guarding aside about Mr. Su's condition.

Ethan glanced at her and led Aiden to the lounge on the left.

A few minutes later, with a gloomy face, Ethan walked out, followed by a sullen look on Aiden's face.

Mia didn't know what had happened. Just the two men's livid faces made her hold back her doubts and ask nothing.

After staying for a few minutes, Ethan left with them.

The car was driving in a deathly atmosphere. Seeing that it was about to arrive at the HT building, Ethan ordered coldly, "To the Yao family."

Mia turned around and looked at Ethan suspiciously. 'Did the thing Aiden handed to Ethan just now have anything to do with the Yao family?'

"I allow you to stay in Yao family tonight. I'll pick you up to work tomorrow morning."

Mia nodded silently.

It seemed that what made him angry had nothing to do with the Yao family, which made her relieved.

But thinking of what Ethan had said be

n I put a pillow on the bed." Sara said with a smile.

It was a forced smile!

Mia didn't ask any more. Obviously, she didn't believe what he said. She walked up quickly and reached out to touch under the pillow.

Feeling cold, she quickly took it out.

It was a photo frame.

It was a photo of her and her sister, with water drops on the frame. Mia quickly looked up at her mother and said, "Mom, you are also in menopause. I always thought that my dear beautiful mom would be different."

"You are going to get married. Why are you still not serious?" Sara smiled.

"Is your lunch break a little long? Grandma has woken up. Get up now. Dad and others will be back soon. " Mia observed the face of the person in front of her and said unhurriedly.

"Okay, then could you please go out first, beautiful Mia?" Sara teased, pointing at her pajamas.

Mia blinked and smiled more brightly. After nodding and turning around, the smile on her face disappeared.

Something must have happened at home recently. Otherwise, why did her words just now make mom stiff.

Obviously, her mother didn't want her to know, so her mom deliberately behaved like before.

It seemed that Mia had to discuss with Cathy.

Seeing that Mia went out of the room and closed the door, Sara reluctantly uncovered the quilt.

There was a handkerchief dyed dark red between her knees.

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