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   Chapter 95 Invading Her Life

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Ariel casually handed over these important things which everyone wanted to Mia. Mia didn't know whether Ariel was doing this for Mia's own good or not.

How could Ariel not know Mia's current situation in the HS Media?

Mia didn't believe it.

Mia could read the materials, but she couldn't understand them. So she threw them all to Nora.

Anyway, this girl was also staring at these materials. No matter it was an interview or an investigation, she couldn't complete it alone. Nora had to be with her.

"Are you sure that you want to give these to me?" Nora asked excitedly, holding the documents handed over by Mia in her arms.

"If you don't need them, give it back to me." Mia reached out to grab the documents.

As if protecting a treasure, Nora turned sideways in a hurry and said, "You wish. It's not that easy to get back what you gave me."

Mia looked at her with amusement, and a WeChat message came in.

It was a picture sent by Aaron. He sat on the bed and it was a full body photo taken from the side.

The scar on his face had already fallen, and the newly emerging tender flesh was pink. The gauze on his arm had been removed, and a ferocious blood scar could be seen.

'You look good. ' Mia quickly typed a line of words and sent the message.

She clicked on the photo again. Several dishes were placed on the shelf in the middle of the bed, and in front of him was a bowl of preserved egg and pork porridge.

Mia didn't like preserved egg congee, so Aaron seldom ate it with her. Now that she was not here, he could really enjoy it.

She touched the screen and turned off the photo. The new message below was a kiss expression. She didn't reply, locked the screen and put the phone aside, ready to get back to work.

At this moment... a package came.

As soon as Mia stood up, she guessed what the gift was. As expected, it was rose and lunch.

"Well, I haven't smelled the fragrance of roses for a few days." Nora whispered.

Mia's arm, holding the fresh flower, suddenly stiffened.

She had only rested for three da

e here!

Mia was shocked with her mouth wide open, "This..."

After knowing that Mr. Su disappeared, there was a flash of suspicion in Mia's mind, but it was only limited to suspicion.

She didn't see Ethan come out from the old house at that time... But she didn't expect that it was really him who did it!

Someone pushed the door open and interrupted Mia who was lost in thought.

"Here you are." They greeted gently.

"Well, is there anything wrong with my father's health?" Ethan asked.

"Everything is fine. But he hasn't woken up yet..."

Looking at the 'doctor' in a white gown opposite, Mia was even more shocked. "You... Why are you here?"

"I've been here all the time." Mike was amused by Mia's reaction, and then said, "I work here. Do you think I'm a quack?"

"No, No." She had never thought of that.


Mike worked here, so he must have known it when Ethan "stole" Mr. Su from the old house!

She turned around quickly and looked at Ethan with a gloomy face. "Why do you hide it from me? Am I always an untrustworthy person in your eyes! ?"

Only in this way could she explain why Ethan hid it from her.

Only in this way could she know more clearly that Ethan had acted a whole day in front of her yesterday, and she was so stupid that she didn't realize it at all!

But in that case, why did he let her know the truth now!

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