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   Chapter 93 There Is Something You Can't Find Out

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According to granny's detailed explanation, those footprints should not be Xie's.

For Xie, who would change his clothes and wash his hands every time he entered, it was impossible for him to allow others to walk around among the flowers.

Not to mention that the footprints Mia had just seen were messy.

Maybe it was because Xie's students were curious, so they had appreciated the flowers secretly when Xie was not here.

"Let's go back." Mrs. Su glanced at Mia. Mia's lack of interest made Mrs. Su think that Mia was tired.

"Okay." Mia answered softly.

In less than a day, Mia had already been a little nervous.

The disappearance of Mr. Su had a great impact on both the Su family and Mia.

Looking at the sensitivity now, she was even more paranoid.

Mia stayed with Mrs. Su for the whole afternoon, and then no one mentioned what happened in the morning in front of Mrs. Su, so time passed much faster.

Mia found that Mrs. Su had a special taste for soup.

Seeing that Mrs. Su was busy in the kitchen with the servants wholeheartedly and took some food materials from time to time, Mia smiled faintly.

This was what Mrs. Su should be like.

In the morning, Mrs. Su rushed over and hugged Mia, crying. Mia was really scared at that time.

Soon, the dishes were placed in the dining room. The smell of the dishes mixed with the smell of the meat in the soup quickly occupied Mia's sense of smell.

The sound of cars roared in the garden. Mia looked at the time and looked at her phone with a knowing look.

Not long after, a pair of long legs broke into her eyes. Mia raised her head in confusion and saw a pair of familiar eyes.

She didn't expect that the first person to come back was Ethan, which was a little beyond her expectation.

"You..." As soon as she opened her mouth, the man in front of her suddenly grabbed her arm and took her upstairs without demur.

"Hello! Ethan!" Mia tried to stop him, but to no avail. She could only continue, "What are you doing

was lying in her own position, he walked into the bathroom quietly and took out a towel to gently wipe her wet hair.

Mia turned over to face him comfortably.

He laughed, lowered his head and took a look at her. Then he turned around and went into the bathroom.

When he came out of the bathroom, the woman on the bed looked painful, and her eyebrows were tightly knitted. He stepped forward and reached out his hand to feel her forehead. She didn't have a fever.

He straightened her body and touched her long hair. When he felt it was no longer wet, he climbed onto the bed.

A ray of sunlight came in from the top or from the window, illuminating the whole room without a trace of darkness.

In the center of the room, there was a big bed, on which lay Mr. Su peacefully!

Mia stepped forward in a hurry and called Mr. Su in a low voice, but Mr. Su didn't respond. She walked two steps to the bedside of Mr. Su. As soon as she opened her mouth, blood began to ooze from the wounds on Mr. Su's body.

The blood drop formed a charming flower under her feet, and the vines grew crazily, entangled her wrists, ankles, and her whole body... But they were still entangled, getting closer and closer.

Mr. Su was nowhere to be seen on the bed. There was only a sheet stained with blood on the bed.

"No! No! ! Grandpa! !"

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