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   Chapter 92 Footprints In The Garden

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"Shh... Calm down." Comforting her, Ethan continued, "You stay with my mom. Don't think about anything else."

"Okay." Mia answered obediently.

'That's right. I should take good care of Mrs. Su now.'

When they went downstairs, Mia took a look at Lisa, who was still standing on the platform on the second floor. Lisa sat on the sofa and removed her nails impatiently.

Mia stopped for a few seconds, but finally suppressed her dissatisfaction and went to the living room.

Although Mia didn't know much about Fred, she could tell that he was a gentleman after getting along with him for several times.

How could his mother be such a woman? He was a gentle and polite person.

Lisa's indifference made Mia really pissed off.

Father-in-law was also a family member! Wasn't a living person more important than her nails?

Today's living room was obviously quieter than ever. There was no other sound except the sigh of Mrs. Su from time to time.

The servants stood still, holding their breath. Mia came to sit beside Mrs. Su. Mia hesitated for a while and didn't say a word. Then she reached out and held Mrs. Su's arm.

Suzy's figure had disappeared. Lucia was talking on the phone in the distance.

At noon, the two brothers, Fred and Ryan came back, but there was still no news. This made the people who were waiting anxiously at home more restless.

Mia was afraid that the more Mrs. Su waited, the more anxious Mrs. Su would be, so Mia pulled Mrs. Su to the front yard for relaxation.

Mia had planned to take Mrs. Su to see the flowers and plants, but when Mia thought that many kinds of flowers were planted by Mrs. Su and Mr. Su themselves, Mia decisively rejected this idea.

It was not a good thing to miss someone at this moment.

From the corner of her eye, Mrs. Su saw clearly what Mia was looking at. Mrs. Su patted the arm on the crook of her arm and said, "If you want to see it, just have a look."

"No, I don't. No..." Mia glanced at Lily, who was walking towards them from the other side of the gard

hen they arrived at the next flower nursery, Mia was no longer in the mood to appreciate these beautiful flowers. The complicated but not blurry footprints that she had just seen kept flashing through her mind...

"Granny, I've seen it in a book before. It seems that some flowers are very picky about soil and very precious." Mia paused and searched for relevant information in her mind. After a while, she said, "I forgot whether it's the request of pouring water or the flowers can't be touched. I can't remember."

"It seems that you are interested in it." Mrs. Su didn't think too much, but was a little surprised at what Mia said.

"The variety is different, so the requirements are naturally different. But our gardener is not an ordinary one. For example, Xie cares more about these flowers than me and my husband. Every time before he entered the garden house, he would change his clothes and wash his hands."

"Xie?" Mia asked.

"Yes, he is the gardener in charge of the garden house. But he still has a lot of students, but his students must have never been so close to the flowers as you. He is very strict." Mrs. Su explained, and then continued, "Hey, what am I talking about? Look, are these more beautiful than those we have seen before?"

"Yes, it's beautiful." Mia didn't take it seriously, and her reaction was not as strong as before.

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