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   Chapter 91 Mr. Su Is Missing

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In a daze, Mia's phone buzzed again and again beside her ear, and she turned over irritably...Half of her body was close to the edge, and she was shocked and suddenly opened her eyes.

The sound of water flowing into her ears was unusually clear at this time. She looked at the direction of the bathroom. It was a frosted bathroom, and the tall and straight figure swayed slightly. She hurriedly looked away to look at the phone beside her. The phone number was somewhat familiar. She picked up the phone and shouted at the bathroom, "Ethan, your phone is ringing."

"Answer it." He answered her directly.

Mia didn't like to answer other people's phone, but she had to answer it at the moment, "hello..."

"Hey, Mia, why are you here?" A familiar voice came through in surprise.

This voice on the phone was not strange to Mia, and she felt much more relaxed at the moment. "Um, he is taking a shower."

"Well, tell him later that I'm leaving now."

"Okay." Although Mia didn't understand, she stopped asking.

Ethan came out of the bathroom soon. This time, he didn't hang his bathrobe casually as usual, but wore neatly.

His wet long hair was no longer dripping with water. Mia told him what Aiden had said on the phone.

He walked to the wardrobe on the right and took out a set of black casual clothes. The arm that rolled up the bathrobe sleeves stretched to his waist, and Mia suddenly turned her head.

The night had completely shrouded this area...It was so late, but Ethan still went out?

All of a sudden, Mia got out of the sofa. "Ah..."

"Shh..."Ethan gently blocked her scream, took Mia to the bed, covered her with a quilt, and gently said, "Have a good sleep."

Mia blinked and looked at Ethan who slowly straightened up, but he raised his hand to touch her eyes at this time. She closed her eyes subconsciously, but her mind was clear.

When the door was closed slightly, Mia opened her eyes

's hand.

"Grandma, don't worry. I'll call Ethan." Mia squatted down and said softly.

Mrs. Su didn't say anything. Mia glanced at the three people beside her, stood up and walked to the second floor.

She quickly changed her clothes and rushed into the bathroom. While she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she called Ethan. There were only two waiting sounds on the phone, and a familiar voice came over, "Why didn't you sleep more?"

"Grandpa is missing. Grandma is emotionally unstable. Did you go to see him this morning when you left?" Mia was anxious and spoke out the key point directly.

But when she finished, she felt something strange.

Every day before going out in the morning, Frank would go to Mr. Su's room to have a look, let alone Ethan.

But what Suzy and the others had just said made it clear that they didn't know it at all.


"Everyone else knows that [老爷子] is missing, but they didn't tell [老太太] this morning." [苏君泽] said in a low voice.

"Okay." Mia answered. No wonder why Suzy and others reacted so strongly.

"Are you looking for him? We need to find the doctors first. As long as we can find them, there must be some clues. " Mia washed her face, grabbed a towel and wiped it on her face casually, and hurried out of the room.

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