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   Chapter 54 He Wants You To Do This

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"Mia!" Ariel suddenly stood up from the chair and shouted at Mia angrily.

Mia raised her head and looked at Ariel with her big clear eyes, waiting for a storm to come. As expected, the anger of Ariel directly smashed on her face the next second.

"Do you think it's my intention to let you go? If Mr. Su hadn't asked you to do his exclusive interview, how could this good thing fall on you?! Anyway, you must do a good job!" Ariel grabbed the document and threw it on the table in front of Mia.

Mia looked at the messy table, but she felt too complicated to speak anything.

Everything about Ethan had become a good thing in the eyes of others.

But she had never thought so. If there was anything good when related to Ethan, she would definitely pray to God.

"Did you hear that?" Looking at Mia, who was standing still in front of her, Ariel felt even angrier.

But when Ariel thought that only Mia could do it, she had to calm down and comfort Mia. "If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask your colleagues. You and Nora are friends, so you can also ask her. Anyway, she is more experienced and skillful than you. Don't give up easily. Perseverance and tenacity are the most important in this industry."

"Okay." Mia replied.

In fact, she knew that there was something wrong with herself.

In a professional manner, no matter who was the target of the interview, you had to do it. And you must do it well.

But at this moment, what she was worried about was the relationship between Ethan and herself, and some of people's reactions afterwards.

"Okay, go ahead with your work." Ariel waved her hand and said.

All Mia's thoughts were on the engagement party three days later. She didn't notice that the fire of gossip in Nora's eyes locked her after she walked out of Ariel's office.

As soon as Mia sat down, the voice of the girl beside her went into her ears all of a sudden. "Mia, did you quarre

said apologetically.

There must be something very important to deal with in the meeting, otherwise Ethan would not choose to have a sudden meeting at this time.

She had heard some of his conversation with Aiden, and she remembered it clearly. At that time, Ethan said that he didn't like meetings the most and doing business was a game for him. There was no need to hold all the power in his hands. He would be tired, and the employees would be stressed, which was not what he wanted.

When he said that, she was shocked, so she remembered it clearly.

"It doesn't matter. You don't have to go to the 'HS Media' recently. Let's deal with things simply here. Let's go to the 'NH city'." Ethan took two steps to sit down on the sofa beside her. As soon as he finished speaking, he untied two buttons to unfasten the collar and pulled them away unhappily.

For some reason, Mia could see that Ethan was a little annoyed from his movements.

She didn't ask the question immediately, but shut her mouth.

In getting along with Ethan these days, keeping quiet was the most important thing she had learned. Whether he was angry or irritable, she chose to remain silent most of the time.

But... 'NH' was a foreign city. Why did Ethan choose to go abroad at this critical moment?

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