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   Chapter 35 Do You Think I'm Kidding You

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But when he came to see Ethan and told him what he wanted, the answer he got was a euphemistic refusal.

He knew how fierce the competition in the business world was, but they were family and then played their own roles in different companies

So the answer given by Ethan was not so easy to accept.

"My brother..."Ethan stood up with a slight smile at the corners of his mouth. Touching the table with his white and slender fingers, then he slowly walked towards Jasper.

At the same time, the HS Media's interview with Fred began.

Taking photos, hosting and recording, the editor in chief quickly entered their working state. Mia was pushed to the desk aside and she was dumbfounded.

Everything was going in an orderly way. Mia felt that she was a little redundant, and even standing in the corner was at a loss.

Suddenly Ariel turned to look at Mia and she pointed at Nora, who was ready to record the work. Then Mia nodded and came to Nora.

"Rose, you can start now." Ariel said softly.

Rose nodded and turned to look at Fred with a graceful smile on her face. "Hello, everyone. Today we are lucky to invite Fred, the vice president of the Derrick Group."

The pleasant sound, the beautiful and enchanting face, the looming figure, and every move and smile of Rose can easily attract others' attention. Mia spread out her notebook and looked up at the center, only to see Fred, who had been staring ahead, suddenly moved his eyes to her side

"No, I didn't." Not knowing what question Rose had asked, Fred replied with a gentle smile.

Noticing the change of Fred, Ariel turned her head and looked at Mia and Fred up and down.

After a while, Ariel finally knew why she felt uncomfortable from the beginning of the interview to now. It's about Fred's attitude, to be exact, it was about his attitude towards Mia.

Fred looked away and glanced at his watch. Then he said, "

iel's efforts before, but the result remained unchanged. Would it change if they two went there?' 'I admitted that I was much more beautiful than Ariel, but so what? I didn't want my pride to be shattered into pieces in front of the powerful Mr. Ethan.

Then how could I have the face to run the business in the future?' 'Although I couldn't be considered as the number one in the host industry, I was not that bad. The main reason was that I had a clear estimation of myself. Otherwise, I would only die sooner or later in this industry.'

"Do you think I'm just kidding?" Ariel turned her head, stared at Rose and asked.

"Yes." Rose replied with a gentle smile. Then she walked past Ariel and headed for the elevator.

Ariel had never expected that Rose would treat her like this. But now, even if she was angry, she had to endure it!

She turned around and looked at Nora with a firm look.

Nora's eyes fell on the man who was getting closer and closer to her. She had never thought that she would meet such a cold and handsome man again at noon in this case!

'No, to be exact, I didn't expect that he worked for Mr. Ethan!

No wonder he was so handsome'

"Nora, did you hear that?" Ariel looked at Nora's straight eyes on Aiden and said angrily.

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