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   Chapter 33 Unlucky Test

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Finally, the encouragement triumphed over laziness. Mia lowered her head and fought against a pile of documents on the table with perseverance.

"Carl, call your team and let's go to work." The voice of Ariel suddenly sounded.

Mia raised her head and saw a man in a brown T-shirt walking to the right. The department separated by transparent glass seemed to be the interview and news departments, and Ariel could even manage them.

"Record? Who will go?" Ariel glanced at Mia and others and asked softly.

Mia didn't understand what Ariel meant. She turned to ask Nora, who was working hard with her head down, "Nora, what are they going to do?"

"Shh, just work." Nora hurriedly turned around and said, "Go out for an interview. You are new here and don't know that. If the interview can be successfully done, it will definitely be explosive good news for our department. On the contrary, if the interview fails, you will have a nightmare when you come back."

Nora's explanation was really clear. Mia took a look at the direction of Ariel, and Ariel's eyes wandered among other colleagues. It was obvious that she was hesitating about who to take to the right place. Mia withdrew her sight and continued with her work.

No matter who Ariel would choose in the end, it had nothing to do with her. She was new here and didn't know much about it. Judging from Ariel's serious and careful attitude, Mia guessed that the person Ariel met today must be a big shot.

Then she would be fine.

"Nora, you haven't been out for a long time, have you? Pack up and we'll set out in ten minutes." Ariel said indifferently as she touched the platinum necklace around her neck with one hand.

"Damn it. It seems that eighty percent of the task can't be completed today." Nora muttered dejectedly.

Mia looked at her in confusion. Why did she feel that good things have completely changed in front of Nora?

"Well... Mia, come with me. It's just a small test. Nora, take care of her." Then Ariel turned around and entered the office.


Mia's brain exploded, and she suddenly had a

arrassed and embarrassed.

Even Mia, who was hiding in the corner, could feel that the whole elevator was full of embarrassment, but unexpectedly, Ariel didn't feel embarrassed at all.

She quickly looked at the elevator on the other side. After Ariel smoothed her hair and looked at her makeup, she pursed her red lips and took a small step forward. Her tone was softer than before. She said in a sweet voice, "Mr. Ethan, our company wants to invite you to an exclusive interview, without taking the video record. We all know your rules. Is there any possible...?"

Don't take the video record? That's not an exclusive interview. Just hand it over to other interviews! Rules? She knew that. After all, she had taken some secret photos of him at the beginning.

"Sorry, we still don't accept it." Aiden turned around and refused.

"Ding..." The elevator arrived and the door opened slowly.

Mia took a look at the floor number displayed and found that they had arrived! But Ethan was in their way. How could they get out?

It never occurred to Mia that her teammates were waiting for their editor in chief to persuade Ethan, and even... won his heart.

When the elevator was completely opened, Ethan finally moved. He stepped out of the elevator. Following him closely, Aiden stepped out of the elevator. The men who had just been left downstairs stood neatly outside the elevator.

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