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   Chapter 32 Your Boyfriend Came Here

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This time, Aiden finally moved. He turned to look at the little girl who was only to his shoulder and nodded expressionlessly.

"Who are you looking for? Maybe I can help you. " Nora's eyes blinked. She didn't expect that this man not only looked rich, but also had a good temperament, and even his appearance was so outstanding.

She was so lucky. But this handsome man was a little aloof. He didn't even smile when she was so close to him.

"Do you know Mia?" Asked Aiden.

"Yes, I do! I'll take you to see her. " Nora's big eyes widened, and the fire of curiosity was burning in them.

'Mia's boyfriend just sent flowers two hours ago and now he came here to send lunch. He couldn't wait to see her. It seemed that he was really infatuated with Mia.'

'But to be honest, Mia was so lucky to have such an excellent boyfriend.'

Although Nora had an active mind, she didn't slow down in her steps. As soon as she entered the company, she saw different people from different departments and they all looked at her and Aiden with ambiguous eyes. With a smile, Nora explained, "He is looking for someone else..."

"Mia, your boyfriend came here." Looking at Mia not far away, Nora said softly as if she was guarding against thieves.

Mia didn't respond to her words, bending over the table. Nora wanted to surprise Mia, so she sped up, came to Mia's side, bowed and whispered in her ear, "Hello, your boyfriend is here."

"Ah! ?" Mia came to her senses in an instant, and the phone in her hand slipped down and fell on the table.

Aiden walked past Nora and stood in front of Mia. He put the lunch box on the table behind Mia, and the bright rose next to it attracted his attention. He glanced around quietly, but didn't find any useful clues. When he withdrew his sight, he saw a lunch box that had already been empty in the trash can at the feet of Mia.

He quickly withdrew his sight, pretended not to see it, and asked s

e fixed on the HT Building above the left.

He felt this building can't be more disgusting!

Mia had more work to do in the afternoon than in the morning.

Looking at the manuscripts and plans of various versions in front of her, Mia was in a daze.

The editor in chief had told her to write the manuscripts, but she hadn't said that all these manuscripts should be written in hand! There were even some words that Mia couldn't understand at all. They were too illegible!

"Ha ha...Mia, your expression is so cute...hahaha... "There was a magic laughter beside Mia, which made her more confused. She stretched out her hand in her left cheek and looked at Nora with a frown.

'Gloating was the most annoying thing!'

"Don't look at me like that. I was as upset as you when I first came here. Every newcomer has to take this step. Just go through it. " Nora stretched out her arm and patted Mia on her shoulder to comfort her.

Mia weakly put her head on the table, breathing heavily.

'I should sorted it out in my mind, and then it will not be so messy.'

Mia encouraged herself in her heart, but her brain and limbs couldn't reach a consensus. She could only find a more convincing reason to encourage herself, 'Mia, work hard, time will pass very fast when you are busy. '

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