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   Chapter 28 Take Care Of Your Body

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"Damn it! !" He touched her back discontentedly.

"Ethan! Don't do this! !" Mia suddenly wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him.

She felt suffocated and flustered. She could feel that he didn't want to hurt her, and that he was holding back his temper.

Her bra was opened but she hugged him more and more tightly.

"Let go of me." He ordered in a low voice.

"No! I won't." She couldn't face him like this when she was sober.

"Are you sure?"

Mia shook her head all the time. He pulled the bath towel hanging on the wash basin, wrapped her back and carried her.

"Ah... Your hand..." Mia was carried higher and she wrapped her arms around his neck subconsciously.

She grasped him tightly.

Ethan pinched her hard. Mia cried out in pain, but dared not do anything.

"I was wrong! I was wrong!" He pinched her a few more times. Tears were welling up in Mia's eyes, and she hurriedly apologized.

She couldn't deny her mistake. He was still holding her in his arms. Every time he pinched her, it hurt so much. The place where he pinched was definitely far from the last time. What if her struggle made his hand loosen? If she slipped, then who should be to blame?!

Ethan carried her out of the side door and came to a rockery in the backyard. He stretched out his long arm and pressed something. A muffled sound was heard.

"What did you apologize for?" He lowered his voice unconsciously.

"What?" He asked again before she answered.

Mia was still silent. It was him who was wrong, but now he came to ask her where she was wrong. If she really did something wrong, that should be the first time when she was caught on the spot by him for photographing, which caused her to fall into the mire now...

The sudden high temperature distracted her attention.

It was surrounded by transparent glass. The curtains were rolled up at the top of the window, and even the roof was transparent glass. One could look up at the starry sky.

This guy really knew how to enjoy. It was simply extravagant!



The muffled sound was covered by a frightened scream, and Mia began to flop crazily in the pool.

Warm water poured into her ears and went into her nose. She didn't dare to open her eyes, but she couldn't help but open them while struggling. The cyan and white water was like a demon waving its teeth and claws in front of her and around her.

The feeling of suffocation, panic and fear overwhelmed her...

Suddenly, her arm was grabbed.

"Splash..." She was lifted up.

Mia's eyes were dull and she was in a daze for a long time. Her red lips were slightly open and she tried her best to inhale the air.

"Are you scared to death?" He waved his hand in front of her, but she didn't respond. His palm moved forward a little, but there was still no response.

"Mia!" Ethan called her name in a low voice.

This time, she blinked her eyes, raised her hand and grabbed his arm tightly. She pulled his arms and quickly wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Relax. It's okay." The grip on his waist made him frown slightly, but his tone was much softer.

Her movements and reactions were a little abnormal. Even if he threw a person who didn't know how to swim in, it was at most a flop and cry for help, but she was just flopping.

That was more heart wrenching than sho

uting and asking for help. All her fear was clearly written on her face.

Mia's heart was beating fast. She clung to his chest and shook her head hard. As he moved, a gust of cold wind blew on his chest, which was warm.

He grabbed her arm but only made her grip more tightly, and he simply let her hold him. Then he moved backward slowly. The water in the hot spring was very deep, and the place near the spring was a little shallow than the middle. He stood straight, and the water reached his abdomen. He slowly leaned against the pool wall, with his legs clamped between her legs, and lifted her up with strength. The next moment, Mia sat on his legs.

"Ah..." Her chest and back were cold. She was so scared that she let out a loud cry and quickly leaned against him.

"Bastard!" She grumbled in his ear.

At this time, Mia found that he was naked and she was sitting on his laps.

He smiled and said nothing. He took a towel and began to wipe her body. He almost wiped all the places that he could reach with force.

At first, Mia felt a little awkward. When she felt that he was just bathing her, she also relaxed, but the burning feeling in her waist was getting more and more intense. She said discontentedly, "Don't rub it anymore. It's about to break."

"Then mind your own business! If it happens again, I'll break his hand." He said gloomily.

Mia was even more dissatisfied. She turned to look at Ethan, who had a gloomy face. Mia swallowed the words that she wanted to refute.

"You don't believe me? You can have a try." He raised a smile, and his eyes were filled with rage.

Mia shook his head and didn't answer.

Not long after, Mia blushed. She thought it was because of being in the hot spring for a long time, but she didn't expect that it was that Ethan, he...

"Don't make a fuss. It's not normal because you sit on my legs." He said casually, and the expression on his face was much better.

This girl was heartless. He just felt it funny until now.

Not long after, he laughed out loud. Then he held her out of the hot spring. There was a clean bathrobe on the deck chair beside the door. He pulled it over and wrapped her up, returning to the room.

Seeing him walking upstairs, Mia said nervously, "Put me down. I'll go back to my room."

"Is that possible?" He raised his eyebrows and smiled at her.

Mia's heart beat faster and faster.

After entering the room, Ethan put her on the bed, stood up and made a phone call.

'Do I escape back to my room now? 'There was a saying in her mind, but it was quickly denied. She couldn't escape. She had to be obedient today and couldn't cross the line anymore. Otherwise, she would add fuel to that fire.

Thinking of what he had done just now, Mia shivered unconsciously.

When Ethan turned around, he saw this scene. He walked towards the bathroom and ordered her when passing by the bed, "Follow me."

Mia rolled her eyes at his back and fastened the bathrobe belt before slowly walking over. To her surprise, Ethan was just waiting for her with a hair dryer. She laughed at her ridiculous thoughts.

Her hair was quickly dried up and she rolled back and forth on the big bed. Ethan came out and saw this scene. The petite woman, dressed in a messy nightgown, seemed so gleeful about messing about the bed, but he couldn't help laughing.

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