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   Chapter 27 Where Did He Touch You

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Hadn't Ethan come back yet? It was almost ten o'clock. Didn't he say that he wasn't busy today?

Humph, he also proposed to go back to the Yao family with her. With such attitude, if he went back with her and left her alone, she would be blamed.

She took off her wet shoes and walked into the door barefoot.

As soon as she entered the room, Aaron called her. She put her phone on the speaker and looked for her slippers.

"Mia, are you home?"


"It's raining. Are you wet? Have a bowl of hot soup and take a hot shower. Don't catch a cold." He said thoughtfully.

Mia fumbled for a long time, but failed to find her slippers.

This made her depressed. "Why isn't the switch of Ethan's house in the vestibule, but in other place?!"

Her feet were all wet, and she couldn't go in like this. Otherwise, the ground would be full of her footprints tomorrow. She didn't know how that guy would make trouble for her again.

"Ahem..." A voice came through the phone.

She bit the tip of her tongue remorsefully. She thought too much and her brain was not enough. Otherwise, how could she expose her heart.

She lost her patience and said to the phone, "I have to hang up."

"Ah! It was so annoying! !" She turned on the flashlight and walked inside with her bare feet.

She didn't care about footprints and what he would do to her. Anyway, she would go to the company early tomorrow morning. They might not even be able to see each other.

"It's better not to come back. I could live in such a big villa for three months. I can do whatever I want to do as long as I live alone." Mia muttered and walked inside. She fell to the ground with a stride. Nobody knew what she stepped on.

Mia looked at the light above her head and complained angrily, "An unfortunate man would be drowned in a tea-cup. Damn it! !"

The muffled sound woke up Jelly, who was hidden somewhere to sleep. It howled and ran to her, rubbing her body, and then ran aside. When it came back, it had a flying plate in its mouth.

To be exact, Jelly drag that plate here.

It looked at Mia for a long time with its tail waving, but Mia didn't move. She was so angry that she picked up the flying plate and threw it somewhere else. "Jelly, don't carry it into the house in the future, or I won't let you in!"

It wagged its tail to chase the flying plate. Mia was even angrier. When she was about to get up to catch it, she suddenly froze!

Shouldn't Jelly be in the garden? Why was it in the room and where did it take the plate? ?

She raised her head and looked around. There was no switch in the place she could touch just now! How did the light come on?

She turned around and looked for the person in the room...

Wearing a black formal suit, Ethan sat straight on the sofa and looked up at her.

A gust of cold wind rushed up from Mia's tail bone and stopped directly behind her neck, and her shoulder trembled uncontrollably.

"Hah ha, Mr. Ethan, people will be scared to death if they are scared." Mia said softly with a smile.

Damn it!

He might have heard everything she said just now.

"I'm going to bed." She stood up and rushed to the room with the buzzing words.

"Hah ha..."

The smile behind her made her hair stand on end and she stopped uncontrollably.

She really didn't like Ethan to be like this. When he was gentle, his words were soft, and when he was angry, his temper was so bad that it

was appalling...

"Don't be like that. What do you want to say?" Mia surrendered.

He was her boss now. How dare she offend him? If she made him unhappy, he could use many ways to make her unhappier than him.

For example, he would take her back to the old house;

For example, she would meet Mr. Su who made her happy and scared...

"Come here!" His red lips moved slightly, and he said in a tone that could freeze her to death.

Mia came to him cautiously and looked at him vigilantly, "What's wrong?"

"Where did you go?"

"Just have dinner."

"With Aaron?" He asked in a strange tone with a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Looking at his face, Mia muttered for a while, but failed to answer.

Ethan lowered his head. A few seconds later, he suddenly stood up and dragged her into the bathroom. "Mia, you cross the line! !"

"Ah... It hurt! !"

"Only when you feel pain will you remember! !"

The locking force on her wrist was a little stronger, and she couldn't even struggle. She could only lower her body with the pulling force to reduce the pain.

"Bang!" He kicked the bathroom door open, and Mia was frightened.

The next second, she was thrown against the wall by Ethan. He pressed one of his arms on her shoulder, turned on the tap with the other hand and pointed it at her. The cold water fell exactly above her head.

The water was even colder than the sea water, which made her stiff and her heart tremble.

"Did he touch you? here? Here?"

He pointed at her forehead, lips and neck with his index finger. Every time he touched it, she shook her head crazily. The water drops fell into her eyes and merged with the warmth that came out. As she shook her head, she didn't know where they fell.

"Did he touch here? here? Or... here?"

"No, no... Ah, no!" Mia trembled more violently. The places he pointed at made her feel shy and angry... also fear.

"Well... Well, he touched your waist." Ethan pointed at her chest, waist and her hip respectively.

And he clearly felt that she trembled even more when his fingers stopped at her waist.

"He is me..." boyfriend.

Her trembling voice was quickly interrupted.

"I have warned you." He blocked her eyes and said word by word.

His eyes turned red, his chin was tight, and the blue veins on both sides of his forehead were protruding. Suddenly, she remembered what he had said two days ago. She thought it was about her drinking, but it turned out to be like this!

"Mia, I won't let you go this time!" His eyes suddenly became sharp, and he reached out to tear her dress.

"No! No! ! It's not what you think! No..." Every time he tore her dress, it was like pulling her skin, painful but not easy to tear it apart.

"What do I think?" He growled.

"We didn't..."

"Hiss..." When she was about to explain, he tore her dress violently.

"Ethan! Don't do this! Please..." Mia burst into tears, but he didn't seem to hear it. He pulled the bath ball on the shelf hard. He tried several times, but failed. He raised his leg and kicked the shelf. The shelf cracked with a crisp sound, and the items on it fell all over the ground.

He poured the whole bottle of body wash onto the bath towel ball, and the thick liquid quickly covered it. Mia was pressed against the wall. Seeing his action, she forgot to escape and explain.

He took off his coat, threw it on the ground and wiped the bath ball on her body.

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