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   Chapter 26 Willing To Be Your Supporting Role

Craving For You By JENNIFER JARVIS Characters: 6658

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Mia lowered her head slightly with a faint smile on her face. The atmosphere was still beautiful and sweet, as if nothing had happened just now.

However, the smile on the man's face disappeared and he was in a tense state.

She looked up and laughed. Then she patted him on the shoulder two times and he put her down.

Mia turned around and walked two steps slowly towards the sea. She didn't turn around and said as usual, "What's wrong? You didn't hear it clearly? Well, I'll ask you again. When did you date Lora?"

"Mia..." He was eager to go forward.

"Answer my question first."

Mia had been waiting for him for about ten minutes, but she didn't hear him say anything. She exhaled hard and her shoulder was loosened. Mia smiled silently, and she knew the answer.

"Let's go back." She turned around, but there was no one behind her.

Suddenly, a dark blue light was lit up above her head. Its light was brighter than the quiet starry sky. There were baby's breath all over the ground, lighting up the dim beach.

Aaron's voice came from behind.

"Do you like it? I'm willing to be your supporting role."

"I remember everything you said."

"Actually, I knew you liked me a long time ago. I also like you, but I just want to see how much you like me. I just want to see how long you can hold on."

"Do you know how hard I have endured? I suffer as long as you like me."

"But I still lost. I couldn't help expressing my love to you."

"Mia, I love you. What can I do to make you believe me?"

"I can do anything for you. Even if I'm pestered by Lora, even if it's disgusting to death, I can endure. I can't put you in any danger. Even if you just make an agreement with him now, I have to protect you. I will protect you secretly."

"I love you! It's always you. It's only you."

"Mia, I don't want much. I just want you. I don't give you much either. I just want to give you everything."

"Without you, my life will no longer have any color."

All his words were gone, floating in the wind, in the sea, and in her heart...

She turned around and found Aaron standing in the sea. His trousers were wet by the waves, and the color of his trousers on his knees was getting deeper and deeper, and it was wet... The wave was getting taller and taller. Soon, the whole trousers were wet.

She took two steps forward and found that he was still stepping back. She frowned and said, "What are you doing! ?"

Her reaction made him smile. He opened his arms and said to her, "Prove that I love you."

"Childish! You think you are still a child?"

Mia's mind was in a mess, and Aaron's words blew her up.

She thought she had made a decision and believed that she would be strong. But at this moment, she found that she had never changed. She was so determined to love him, regardless of any consequences.

But the scene that he and Lora hugged each other had left a shadow in her heart. What on earth was it that made Aaron hold back his disgust?

Perhaps these words were just to deceive her, and to stabilize her. But why did he do that?

"Come back!" She couldn't swim and was particularly afraid of water.

She almost drowned when she fell into the river. Since then, she had been particularly afraid of water. In the next few years, she would be afraid of the lake a

nd feel dizzy and sick.

The sea water had already covered his chest, and Mia panicked. She rushed over and tried to pull him up, but before she reached him, she was already a little unable to stand steadily, and the panic and tension in her heart wrapped her like the water around her.

She felt that she would be knocked over in the sea at any time. All of a sudden, Aaron rushed over and held her in his arms, leading her to the shore. The sea water quickly reached her chest, and she was still suffering from shock, gasping for breath.

The arms around her waist were getting tighter and tighter, which made her almost out of breath.

"I love you, Mia."

"What do you mean by protecting me?"

"Are you trying to protect me? You kissed her to protect me? Why do you think that I will definitely accept your protection in this way! ?"

"Mia, don't ask, okay?" His eyes were full of struggle, embarrassment... also sadness and guilt.

But this was not the reason he hid from her. If they couldn't even trust each other, then it was better to end their relationship as soon as possible.

"Okay, I won't ask anymore. Let's break up." Mia glanced at him and said quickly.

She broke away from his arms, went ashore, wrung the water, turned around and left without even looking at him.

"Okay! Let me tell you!" He shouted.

The silence along the way was finally broken when the car drove into the busy street. He smoked a lot along the way. It was not until half of the pack of cigarettes was wiped out by him that he opened his mouth. "Lora has a lot of resources in her hands."

"What! ?" Mia was shocked.

In the business world, things could change so fast before they were decided. And she knew the resources he said must not be just on the surface, otherwise he would not force himself so much.

"This is also the thing that I have been busy with recently. And according to the current results, the resources and information she provided are accurate to ninety-seven percent."

"Are you crazy? If discovered, you might end up being in jail!"

"I know, she knows, but she is still willing to."

"So she want to be with you?" Mia laughed in her heart. Was this an explanation for her?

"Mia... That's not the point. All I want now is the result! Only when I get good results can my father give up, I can do what I want, and I can realize my wish." He rubbed her head and said gently.

"Pull over. I'll go back by myself."

"Then... Be careful on your way home. Call me when you get home." He didn't insist. Seeing her get on the taxi, he followed her for a while. He didn't give up until the red light stopped him.

Mia leaned against the seat and thought it was inappropriate, but she couldn't tell what was wrong. She just felt strange and uncomfortable.

When she got out of the taxi, lightning flashed in the air at a top speed. Her clothes were not completely dried. As the night wind blew, she felt a chill. She shrank her neck and ran back with her handbag.

Before she could see the door, the heavy rain poured down, and she was drenched in a few seconds.

Well, now that it was wet, there was no need for her to be in a hurry. She slowed down and walked back unhurriedly, murmuring from time to time.

She didn't come to a conclusion until she walked to the door.

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