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   Chapter 25 Naughty Again

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Was she just paranoid?

She was paranoid now. It was an established fact, but she could not help thinking and recalling.

She couldn't help but recall more, and the result was that she wanted to know more, eager to find out where they started.

If she didn't have much time, how could she find trouble for herself?!

The phone beside her shouted. She glanced at it and saw a strange number. Then she answered the phone in a hurry.

"Hello, is that Miss Mia?" The woman said gently.

"Hello. I'm Mia. Who are you?"

"This is the HR Department of the HS Media. You have passed the interview. If you don't have any questions, come to the HR department at half past eight tomorrow morning."

"Okay, okay." Mia replied happily.


Great! The work was finally done!

Three months will soon be over, right...

But as for Aaron... No, he didn't care anymore. Only her mother and sister really cared about her.

Mia had a mixed feeling in her heart. The phone on the other side rang again. She took a quick look at the number and slowly lowered her arm.

The vibration in her hands continued, making her palms numb. She couldn't bear it, and her heart was even more confused.

Taking a deep breath, Mia quickly pressed the answer key, "Hello..."

"Mia, where are you? I sent you a message, but you didn't reply." His voice was louder than usual.

Was he worried about her performance?

"I'm asleep. I didn't hear you." Mia answered indifferently.

"Are you asleep?" The words sounded more like a whisper than a confirmation.

Look, how much he knew about her.

"Yes. What's up?"

"I said that I would accompany you after I finished my work."

"Okay." Mia certainly remembered what he said at that time.

No, she remembered every word he said to her, which was longing, sweet, simple...

She really loved Aaron. In the best years, she paid all her attention to him. He was in her heart. These years she had witnessed his growth in her young age.

First love was always beautiful. No matter what his choice was or what the ending of them was, she should face it calmly. If he really loved Lora, then why didn't she accept it?

'The deepest love is not to accept, but to make the one you love happy with your own efforts.

Face it!

Mia, you have to face it!'

"Can I pick you up and have dinner outside? I want to hang out with you."

"Okay." Mia agreed.

She was a little tired. It was difficult to be a play with Ethan. She didn't want to act with the person she loved any more. She was not an actress, so she couldn't turn a blind eye to it, nor did she have perfect acting skills.

As the appointed time, Mia slowly took a bubble bath and deliberately picked up her favorite white dress, with the dolphin hairpin that Aaron gave her for the first time stuck in her ear. She put on a light make-up and went to the appointed place.

Aaron arrived early and stopped his car at the roadside. The windows on both sides were rolled down. Without saying anything, Mia opened the door and got in the car.

He casually put his left arm on the car window, with a cigarette butt between his fingers. He turned his head to look at her and pressed the button to extinguish the last light of the cigarette.


didn't even know when he started smoking.

"What do you want to eat?" He closed the window and opened the sunroof. He must be worried that there was still smoke in the car.

"It's up to you."

"You are always soft." He touched her hair and said with a smile.

Mia wanted to dodge, but then she steadied herself.

Soft? Why not just say that she was obedient. How could he still play the game? Sorry, she didn't feel anything now.

After them finished eating, the car set off again.

After driving for about an hour, the car stopped at the seaside.

Illusion Sea was as beautiful as its name. As expected, this was the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset. Every tourist season, the Illusion Sea was crowded with people. It was rare to see such a quiet scene like today.

There was a beautiful red glow in the sky, and the range of the red glow slowly spread. In less than two minutes, the entire west side of the sky was dyed red.

She was intoxicated in this charming scene. When she wanted to carefully put them into her memory, they disappeared without a trace.

The sky began to dim, but Mia's heart became more and more clear.

She wrote Aaron's name on the beach, one after another. Waves came one after another, but they couldn't erase the words she left.

"Silly girl, stop writing." Aaron came over, put his broad hand on her back and said sadly.

"It's almost done." Mia laughed and broke free from his hand. After running dozens of meters in one breath, she bowed again and wrote.

Soon enough, she finished writing. She patted off the sand on her finger with satisfaction and shouted at the people far away, "Come and have a look."

Aaron shook his head helplessly and looked at her with a doting smile.

His legs were long, and his white shirt looked nifty in the sea breeze, which made him more handsome.

"Aaron, you bastard. "

"Do you like it?" Mia laughed so hard that she couldn't straighten up. She didn't forget to ask how he felt after seeing it.

"You are not behaving well recently. Let me see what's wrong with you." He rolled up his sleeves and squinted at her.

Mia just kept smiling. The smile on her face froze and she was not in the mood to laugh, but it just hung on her face. He suddenly stepped forward, and Mia was shocked to run away.

His name was under her feet on the beach, but she didn't feel sad at all. She was calm from the beginning to the end when she stepped on his name on purpose.

It suddenly occurred to her that when she was in school, she even protected Aaron's name she wrote on the book very well, as if every name, big size or small size, was his representative in her heart.

"Stop... Stop chasing me. I'll trample your name if you keep chasing me."

One chased after her, and the other ran away.

They wouldn't compromise.

Aaron, who was standing behind her, suddenly sped up. He almost caught her!

"Stop it." She stopped and gasped with her hands on her waist.

He slowed down and came to her side, with his arms holding her. The next moment, the two of them circled on the beach.

She was raised higher than his head. She put her arm on his shoulder and fixed her eyes on him.

All of a sudden, she asked, "When did you be with Lora?"

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