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   Chapter 24 Where Are You Looking At!

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The night grew darker, and the night wind could not disperse the heat.

After going around, Mia knew more about the Su family.

Mr. Su had six children, four sons and two daughters. Except for Ethan, his son lived in the residence of the Su family, and his daughters lived with their husbands.

"Splash..." Mia stood up from the bathtub, water splashing.

Looking at the snow cyan dress that fell quietly aside, she dried her body and quickly put it on. Ethan had even bathed her, so he should have seen what he should see and what he shouldn't... After all, she had a dress to hide her shyness now.

After comforting herself, Mia went out of the bathroom.

The knock on the door made her turn a corner.

Outside the door, Ryan looked at Mia, who was still wet, and swallowed quietly. Her long hair was still wet, drops of water dripping down. Under her slender shoulder belt was a beautiful collarbone, and her arms were white as snow...

"What's wrong?" Mia was stunned and asked softly.

Ryan calmed down and said in a muffled voice, "I saw that your clothes were dirty when we had dinner, so... Here you are. I'm going back."

The clothes he wanted to put in didn't fall into the arms of Mia. Ethan pulled hard, and Mia was pulled into the room. He grabbed the clothes and slammed the door.

"Hey! You don't even say thank you!" No wonder everyone was dodging him when they saw his straight face! No one would like it.

"Do you need to thank him for showing him this?" Ethan turned back with a dark face.

Although the girl was young, she had a good shape. He knew how tempting she was. His nephew's eyes widened.

Mia came to her senses and looked down, blushing like a tomato. Drops of water dripped from her hair, and the cloth on her chest was a little sticky, but he didn't have to be like this.

There were a lot of people wearing underwear as an outfit, although she didn't wear it now...

No underwear! !

"Ethan, where are you looking at?! Stop looking at me! !" She climbed into the bed, covered herself and shouted shyly.

"Well, I won't look at you..." He suddenly lowered his voice and jumped onto the bed.

"Ah..." He pounced on Mia and startled her.

She pushed him on the shoulder, but it didn't work at all. He lay all over her body, and she could even clearly feel the hotness of his body. She said awkwardly, "What are you doing! You bastard, get away from me! !"

"Don't move!"

"Get up. I won't move if you get up." Mia was so anxious that her face twisted.

"Someone is eavesdropping." He pointed to the door.

The two turned their heads at the same time. The tip of his nose scratched her forehead, and her red lips rubbed against his chin and neck. The two stopped moving at the same time.

The atmosphere was ambiguous and embarrassing...

Mia wanted to turn her head away from his face, but the two turned their heads at the same time.

This time, he precisely caught her lips.

He smiled and kissed her deeper and deeper.

With her eyes wide open, Mia began to struggle, only to find that his tongue had slipped into her mouth, like a small fish roaming freely in the sea, and it was difficult to expel it.

The struggle gradually turned into acceptance.

He said he didn't care about anyone. His kill of kissing was much better than hers.

After a long time, the two lips separated. Mia glared at Ethan, pulled the thin quilt and turned around, leaving a back to him.

Let's sleep. It didn't matter why he was so good at it. It had nothing to do with her.

The next day...

When Mia opened her eyes, it was already bright. She was the only one on the big bed

. She touched the empty bed beside her. It was cold!

Where is he?

What if he was not here?

While she was thinking, Ethan in black casual clothes came in.

"Where have you been?" Mia asked with messy hair.

Ethan was stunned, and then began to take off his clothes, including his shirt and trousers.

This guy's figure was... splendid.

With a smile in his eyes, he went into the bathroom and soon Mia heard the sound of water flowing.

She lay back in chagrin. What the hell was she doing? She seemed to have changed a lot since she entered the residence of the Su family. What magic was there in the old house?

When Ethan came out of the bathroom, the servant just brought her clean clothes. She didn't expect that Ethan would arrange clothes for her in the early morning.

After breakfast, the two of them left the old house of the Su family.

Before leaving, Mrs. Su held her hand and kept smiling. She asked if there was any further information, and if Ethan was good enough. Mrs. Su said a lot of things that Mia couldn't bear. Before that, she told Mia to grip the heart of Ethan as soon as possible and to go home more often to accompany her in the future.

Mia liked this old lady from the bottom of her heart. Except for saying something that made her blush, everything else was good.

The two of them were sure that they wouldn't go to the Yao family, and Ethan sent her back.

As soon as she entered the room, Jelly clumsily ran to her and pulled her legs from time to time. Jelly was really cute. After playing with Jelly for a while, she was hardly bit by it, with teeth marks all over his fingers.

The nutritious powder mixed with the goat's milk filled a large bowl. Jelly ate so much that it wanted to bury its head into the bowl, and the bottom of the bowl was licked clean.

But its attention was also shifted to the bowl, and it changed to bite the bowl.

Jelly began to grow teeth and would feel uncomfortable, so it would always grit its teeth by biting things. Jelly hadn't stayed here for a long time, but it had grown a little bigger.

Did golden retriever grow fast?

She had breakfast late and didn't feel hungry at noon. She called Aiden and asked him to tell Lucy that she could stay home and not come here to prepare lunch.

Then, Mia climbed onto the bed with her mobile phone. After watching the news for a while, she was sleepy and put down her mobile phone to find a comfortable posture. She didn't know when Jelly came in with her and was sleeping on her side.

She laughed happily, and Jelly suddenly woke up.

It looked up at her in a daze.

"Sleep, sleep." Mia tried not to laugh and coaxed it softly.

As if understanding what she said, Jelly lay down again, blinked its eyes for several times, and then closed them again. Mia smiled and closed her eyes.


The sound of the message interrupted Mia's nap. She seldom took a nap. Maybe she was so nervous yesterday that she slept for two hours.

It was a message from Aaron, asking what she was doing.

After reading the content, she put down her phone.

He seldom sent a message to her for almost a month. They communicate either by phone or by Wechat. Now he sent her a message for the first time.

Was he afraid that Ethan would know the relationship between them? Or he was afraid of disturbing her and worrying that Ethan would make things difficult for her?

Mia shook her head and wondered whether women all liked to overthink? When she loved him deeply, she would do whatever he said. Once she knew what he did behind her back, things would change.

Or was she just being paranoid...

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