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   Chapter 23 A Special Gift

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If Ethan hadn't heard all her feelings about going back to the Yao family when she was drunk, he wouldn't have thought that Mandy would even restrict Mia to go back home.

He did choose someone to marry him, but only he himself knew the real reason why he did it.

For a long time, no one could control what he wanted to do, and what he didn't want to do would not be forced on him.

"No, thanks." Mia escaped from his palm.

She had already gone home and didn't want to go back again for a short time. 'The agreement would come to an end one day. I couldn't use his identity to back myself up.

My mother, my sister and I couldn't afford the consequences.'

Ethan withdrew his hand slowly and left the room.

Standing by the window and watching him drive away alone, Mia had mixed feelings.

Later, many people left one after another. Mia stayed in her room and quietly watched the people coming and going in the garden.

However, she didn't expect that Aaron would call her.

"Hello?" There was no emotion in her words.

She couldn't pretend nothing had happened and she couldn't deceive herself.

"Mia, what have you been doing recently? Are you busy? " Aaron said in a nervous and patient tone.

Mia knew that what Aaron really wanted to ask was not this. She shook her head and replied, "yes, I found a job and waited for notice."

"Find a job? That's good. "

Not knowing why, Mia heard a sense of relief in his words. She took the opportunity to say, "it will be better, so that time will pass faster."

"My Mia is always so considerate." He praised.

'His Mia?

His Lora should be more suitable!'

Mia didn't answer and hung up the phone. It was really tiring to pretend to be innocent.'s difficult to keep confused.

But sometimes, it would be much easier to be a little confused, physically or mentally.

'I'd better lie down for a while. I had calmed down for so long, but it was still hot. Did I eat too much hot food today?'

When she turned around, Mia was shocked.

'When did Mrs. Su come in?! I didn't hear anything.'

"Did I really scare you?" Mrs. Su smiled, put the fruit tray on the table, and walked over to hold her hand.

Mia calmed down. 'Fortunately, I didn't say anything more to Aaron just now, or I would be embarrassed to death now, as if I was a new daughter-in-law, who was cheating on my husband.'

'Pah! How could I have such a ridiculous idea?!'

"Are you used to life here?" Mrs. Su asked. Before Mia could answer, she continued, "Ethan has always been at odds with his father. I wonder what kind of fate the two of them had in their previous lives. Neither of them will yield to each other in this life. They are both stubborn."

Seeing that Mia smiled, Mrs. Su smiled slightly and said, "Ethan is cold, but It depends on whom he treats. In the past thirty years, I have never seen him be so careful with any girl except you."

"Oh.. "

'More than 30? Then it was totally right for me to call him uncle. With seniority and age, he could bear more than enough. No wonder that guy was so sensitive to the word 'uncle'.'

"Ha ha, our family has good genes. You will understand it after you give birth to a child." As Mrs. Su spoke, she held Mia's hand and said earnestly, "the age difference of nine years is not a problem for the current world. Don't have any burden in your heart. If he bullies you, just come back and tell me."

Mia's eyes were slightly wet. Her own grand

mother drove her out, but now she had a sense of being held in the palm and heart that she haven't felt for many years.

She felt so good.

The blood was boiling in her body and all her meridians seemed to be connected.

This was a heartache, a heartache that one wanted to have but felt that it was just an extravagant hope.

Mandy was her root cause of illness.

"I have a gift for you." Mrs. Su suddenly lowered her voice and whispered in Mia's ear.

Smelling the faint jasmine fragrance, Mia smiled sweetly.

She still remembered what Mrs. Su had said, "a gift for my daughter-in-law."

"Okay, Okay." Mrs. Su patted on Mia's arm and walked out of the room with a big smile.

Looking at the packing of the box, Mia was a little confused. Whose jade bracelet needed such a big box! She carefully put the box in a conspicuous place and went to bed for a nap.

In a daze, her face was warm, and Mia wiped it randomly. The moist and hot feeling became clearer. She suddenly sat up and felt dizzy. The clean and tidy bed was stained with blood.

Raising her head, she got out of bed. The floor was covered with flawless carpet. She really didn't want the blood to fall on the carpet.

Ethan pushed the door open and saw her face covered with blood and carefully moving her steps. He was frightened and rushed over. "Mia!"

"You're back. Nothing serious. I just had a nosebleed. I might have eaten too much recently, so I'm a little bit inflamed... "

"Shut up!" His jaw was tightened and his face was gloomy. Then he asked someone to change the bed sheet, and he took her to the bathroom.

It took the two of them a long time to stop the bleeding.

When they came out, the bed sheet had been changed to a new blue color, except for the blood stains on her clothes, nothing else had changed.

"I don't have any clothes with me. So I won't go downstairs for dinner." 'It was almost dinner time, and if I went on like this, I would be laughed at or discussed.'

"Okay." Ethan replied.

Mia walked to the gift box in two steps and said to him, "look at the gift from your mother."

Ethan raised his chin and opened the box. There was a snow green dress in it.

It was like when someone was sleepy, a pillow was sent! The dress was exactly what she needed now. Mia put the box on the bed and carefully lifted up the dress.

"You...This... "She stammered, unable to speak a complete sentence. She shook her arms and threw the dress to Ethan.

Ethan caught it expressionlessly and threw it on the bed behind him.

"Ethan!" Mia gritted her teeth.

Underneath the dress were all kinds of styles of condoms, and beside them were a few small boxes written in French. It was hard to understand what these words were, but they would definitely not be good things as they were put together with the condoms.

Ethan picked up several condoms, almost each of them was punctured.

The corners of his mouth twitched. Feeling speechless, he threw the condoms away as rubbish.

They finally had dinner in the restaurant, but the atmosphere was much better than that at noon.

Almost all of the rest were about the same age as Mia. After dinner, they took a walk and chatted in the garden. Ethan didn't follow her, which made Mia feel more comfortable. Lily was also there. She didn't talk much with others, except for occasionally talking with Ryan and Fred.

Fred was the boy with black hair whose face Mia didn't see clearly at lunch time.

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