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   Chapter 22 Do You Think You Are The Only Smart Person

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Grandpa had passed away for many years. Even if he couldn't fulfill the promise of the two elders at that time, he could help the Yao family in a different way.

Even if there was only one time, it was okay. After all, their family hadn't reached the hardest time.

Too big to fail!


A crisp sound interrupted the strange atmosphere, and the chopsticks in Ethan's hand were broken. He lowered his head, unable to see his face. Everyone's eyes fell on the two of them.

After a while, he looked up at Mia and said gently, "Are you hungry? Let's go home for dinner."

He held her hand hanging on her legs and tightly wrapped her little hand with his big hand. Although there was no emotion in his eyes, she could feel his anger. Mrs. Su kept winking at her. Of course she understood what Mrs. Su meant.

After all, it was the first time that she went back to the residence with Ethan. She didn't want to embarrass the atmosphere.

She pulled his sleeve and said softly, "Let's eat here, okay?"

The plea in her eyes stung him. He turned his head and sneered, "Are you sure? Do you still have appetite?"

"Why not? As long as you are here, I can eat a cow."

Her blurted out words made Ethan laugh in a low voice, but made her feel remorseful.

How could she say something like that? There were so many people here. Even if she wanted to keep Ethan here for the sake of Mrs. Su, she could change another excuse.

Was there still a boundary between them?

No, they had been in the same boat since the moment they stepped into his villa. Whether it was just spending time or acting, she had to be careful with every step.

She had to keep her heart and do what she should do.

She would try her best to finish what Ethan wanted to do as soon as possible and regain her freedom of marriage as soon as possible.

"Mia, wait a minute. I'll go get you something." Mrs. Su smiled mysteriously and led the servant to the kitchen.

Mia tugged at his clothes and said, "My neck is about to break."

Sure enough, after hearing that, he sat down, reached out his hand and gently rubbed her neck. "Stupid."

"Yes, you are right. You are the smartest one." Mia retorted in a low voice, which made him pinch the tip of her nose hard.

Mrs. Su put a small bowl of soup in front of her. The excitement in Mrs. Su's eyes made her uneasy. Mia asked in confusion, "What's this?"

The soup in the porcelain bowl was milky white, and the fragrance from it made her even more hungry. She grabbed the spoon and put it down in a hurry when she found everyone was looking at her.

Mr. Su touched his chest, coughed and said in a low voice, "Let's eat."

Mia looked at Ethan. He nodded and she started.

After finishing a bowl of soup, the hunger did not relieve, but instead she became hungrier. The atmosphere at the table was very quiet. She didn't say anything and just ate.

Mrs. Su calmly looked at Mia up and down several times, with a faint smile on her face, but deep worry in her eyes.

After lunch, Mr. Su called Ethan to the study, and Mrs. Su followed him with worries. The women in the living room were talking about beauty and shopping, but Mia was not interested, so she came to the front yard.

There was a pavilion on the left of the front yard.

Pillars were brown and tiles were black. Mia sat on the bench of the pavilion. On the top of the pavilion, there were all kinds of paintings, such as the eight immortals picture, and t

he figures in the paintings were lifelike.

"Aunt Mia!"

A childish voice attracted her attention. She saw that Brandon was waving his arms and running towards her.

Brandon Lin, the child of Ethan's fifth elder sister, Cindy Su. He is the youngest grandson of the Su family.

"Run slowly. Be careful not to fall." He was a chubby kid. Mia was really afraid the he would fall to the ground by accident.

"Auntie, uncle is looking for you." Brandon grinned and cracked a row of clean and white teeth.

With a clear smile, Mia bent down to keep a certain height with him and grinned, "Brandon, I'm not your aunt yet. What did your uncle promise you?"

"Buy the limited edition..." Brandon's excited voice suddenly disappeared. He quickly covered his mouth with his hands and shook his head. Her uncle said it was a secret between them and he couldn't tell it to a third person.

"Okay, let's go back." Mia smiled, straightened up and took the little fleshy hand of the boy beside her.

Brandon was already twelve years old, not short, but he was fair and chubby, looking half a head lower than his peers.

Mia followed the little guy to the third floor.

There were only two rooms on the third floor. One was closed and the other was open.

"Aunt Mia, this is the room." Seeing that Mia turned around and looked into the open room, Brandon took her hand and pointed at the closed door.

"Where have you been?" Ethan opened the door and asked.

"I just walked around in the front yard." Mia put his hands on Brandon's shoulders and the two stepped forward at the same time.

"Brandon, get out." Ethan said coldly, glancing at Brandon.

Mia looked at Brandon, only to find that the bright smile on his face just now disappeared. With a straight face, he sat upright like an adult, with one of his short legs on the other. He seemed to have learned a lot, but it looked funny.

Children from rich families were always carefree from childhood, and their families gave them the best things. However, each family's training and education methods were different. When they really became famous, there would be some differences.

After a while, Mia burst into laughter. Ethan and Brandon were looking at each other. Ethan said indifferently, "Why do you mimic me?"

"Because you are cool! Handsome! They are all afraid of you! Many people will listen to you!" Brandon replied.

"Brandon. It's not just about the surface. Do you know why they are afraid of me?" Ethan straightened up and began to talk with Brandon seriously.

Feeling a little hot, Mia stood up and walked to the window.

It was hot now. Why didn't Ethan turn on the air conditioner?

""We will stay in the residence tonight. Do you have any plans tomorrow?" Ethan asked softly after dismissing Brandon.

"Not yet." Mia fanned her neck with one hand and said discontentedly, "Can you be more generous and turn on the air conditioner?"

"It's always on." Ethan pointed at the air conditioner. He came to her, pulled her shoulder and faced her, and said, "Let's go back to the Yao family tomorrow."

She opened her eyes wide in disbelief. The hope in her eyes was even brighter than the summer starry sky, and the crystal in her eyes was as clear as a mirror. Such eyes could always make Ethan absent-minded.

When they met for the first time, there was a fearless look in her beautiful eyes, but now this feeling was carefully concealed by her. Even so, he still liked it.

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