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   Chapter 21 I Only Take Advantage Of You

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In the main hall of the garden, there was a water fountain, and the statue of an angel stood in the middle. There was a colorful garden on the left. According to Ethan's introduction, it was planted by his father and mother, and many of the flowers were rare varieties.

The front yard was large, and Mia flinched at the sight of it.

Luxury cars came in one after another, and Ethan took her back. Before entering the room, he said softly, "No matter what happens inside later, you just stay with me."

Mia ignored him. It was just family dinner. What could happen? She could at most control her stomach and eat less food.

Ethan slightly bent his arm and entangled around Mia, then she fell into his arms.

His sexy throat rolled up and down. "Hmm?"

Mia rolled her eyes and said angrily, "You must do such things many times. Why you always take advantage of others?"

"I only take advantage of you." Ethan lowered his head and said softly.

The slightly hot breath spread on her face, with his unique scent. His eyes, at this moment, turned into an abyss, slowly sucking her in. Mia knew that if she really fell into such an abyss, she would never have a chance to escape from there.

He was so dangerous that even a joke could be so ambiguous. She turned her face away and mumbled, "Ethan, who taught you how to flirt with girls?"

"Mia, who do you think will teach her?"

Mrs. Su's voice rang beside the two people. Mia was startled and hurriedly tried to break away from Ethan's arms, but he suddenly grabbed her earlobe and said vaguely, "Throw me away after using me? Are you sure you won't use me later? If you use me later, you have to pay the price."

Mia felt limp and numb as if an electric current had run through her body. She held his other arm tightly and was trembling.

She had fallen into a trap today. One was that her body was affected by his flirting skill, and the other was that her mind was undergoing great changes. It would be more difficult to find this balance point.

Now that Ethan was like this, it was obvious that the price he said would not be easy.

"Mom. Ethan came back so early today. Who is this?" The middle-aged man was in a silver gray suit and black leather shoes were shiny. He finally fixed his confused eyes on Mia.

With a slight frown, Ethan tightened the grip on the woman in his arms, revealing only half of her face, and said, "My wife."

"Ah!? It seems that Miss Cathy doesn't..."

"Well, she's the youngest one, come on in."

Behind the man came a few more people, male and female. Mia trembled and tried to get into the arms of Ethan.

She finally knew why he said that just now. The people who appeared in front of her looked at her curiously. It was as if she was some delicious food that made them drool.

The smile on Mrs. Su's face disappeared. She held her head high and looked dignified. She took Mia's wrist and walked inside.

The servants divided their work clearly, and soon the aroma on the table floated over, and Mia's stomach rumbled.

Mrs. Su complained to Mia, "Ethan should have told me." Then she smiled, "Help yourself. Try to eat a lot of great food. Then you won't suffer if you give birt

h to a baby. "

"Ahem... We..." Mia was drinking orange juice. The words almost choked her.

"I know. Don't worry. It won't be long..." Mrs. Su patted her on the back of her hand.

Cold sweat broke out on Mia's back in an instant. Didn't she feel it wrong? There was something in Mrs. Su's words. No, she didn't want anything that wouldn't last long.

No, she didn't want it at all!

In less than half an hour, the living room was full of people. The sound of talking and laughing made her head buzz. Even if she lowered her sense of existence to the minimum, someone would shift the topic to her. Fortunately, Ethan was among the men. He didn't answer the questions for several times and people stopped asking. Mrs. Su was in charge of the women, so she was not worried at all.

"Okay, let's eat." The servant held Mr. Su's arm and slowly walked over.

It was the first time that Mia had formally met the Mr. Su. His aura and awe were beyond description. The most similar thing between Ethan and him was his eyes. Both of them had a pair of Eagle-like eyes.

"Mia! ?" A surprised female voice sounded behind her.

"Lily!" Mia was also surprised.

"Do you know each other?" The woman beside Lily asked softly.

Everyone took their seats, and Mia sat by Ethan.

"Yes, we are classmates." Lily answered honestly.

Mia found that everyone seemed to be quiet. She quietly glanced at Mr. Su, who was sitting on the seat, staring at the table with a dark face. A few seconds later, he coughed slightly, looked up at the table and said, "Everyone knows that the Su family and the Yao family will hold a wedding. Today, it's a good chance for you to know each other since the youngest daughter of the Yao family is here. Of course, if anyone likes the eldest daughter of the Yao family, just say it out."

Mia was expressionless and unable to speak for a long time.

They all thought that she and her sister wanted to get married? No, none of them wanted to get married. They were forced to do so by their grandmother. Now in the Su family, Mr. Su not only looked down upon the Yao family and her, but also disagreed with Ethan's behavior!

"I heard from Lily that you were classmates?" Someone accosted her.

Mia raised her head indifferently. The man opposite looked a few years younger than Ethan, only 23 or 24. With long dark brown hair, messy and beautiful bangs, he was thinner than Ethan. His big eyelids and two dimples when he smiled made he look adorable.

The boy smiled and introduced, "I'm Ryan. Ethan's nephew."

Mia nodded in response, without any response.

"Miss Mia is really more beautiful than Miss Cathy." Another man's voice followed.

Mia looked for the sound, only to see a boy's black hair, and his face could not be seen clearly. She withdrew her sight and looked at Mrs. Su. The face of the Mrs. Su darkened a little. She kept touching Mr. Su beside her, but her eyes looked at Ethan from time to time.

Mr. Su was really the man in charge. The atmosphere changed as soon as he opened his mouth. The strange atmosphere made Mia feel uncomfortable all over. She twisted her body, intending to face Mr. Su and Mrs. Su, and simply said everything

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