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   Chapter 19 It's Up To Me

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Ethan stood up slowly, which drew the distance between them closer. His frosty eyes fiercely locked on Mia, who was waving in front of him.

She trembled her shoulders and took a step back, but the anger in her eyes did not decrease at all.

Why should she be afraid? Ethan was always like this in front of her. Sometimes he would be gentle to her with a purpose. Now that she had nothing, there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Why? Didn't you roar so hard just now?" Ethan sneered, tilting his head.

Sure enough, the next moment, Mia straightened up her body again. Before she could say anything, her chin was tightly held in his hand. "Today is the first time, and I hope it will be the last time."

He would never allow her to vent her anger in front of him for another man.

Mia was so angry. She was in a very bad mood! She can't believe he actually talked about drinking. She shook off his hand, grabbed the collar of the bathrobe and bit him.

The bite was full of anger. Mia wished he could bleed to relieve her anger for the whole day.

When she loosened her bite, Ethan carried her to the living room and threw her on the sofa. He looked down at her and said, "I don't care who was in your heart before. From the moment you entered here, I am the only person in your heart!"

"It's just an agreement between us." Mia put her hands on the back of the sofa and said in a rough voice.

Ethan had already known the relationship between her and Aaron, but he still chose her. It was he who wanted to bring back the woman whose heart was filled with other people, and now he said these inexplicable words.

"It's up to me." After saying that, Ethan suddenly rushed to her and kissed her red lips.

"Hmm..." Mia stared at him and began to struggle.

He bullied her again, but she had no room for resistance. When he was happy, he waved at her. She had to go and stay with him. If he was unhappy, he could ignore her and treat her as a stranger.

His kiss was violent, wildly invading her territory, not as gentle and careful as before.

She frowned, tears streaming down. Her lips and tongue could not avoid his sharp attack.

As her mind became more and more messy, the weight on her body disappeared. Before she could see clearly, the sky and earth were spinning again. She crazily hit on his back, venting all the unhappiness and grievance today.

Ethan carried her upstairs. While listening to her complaints, he took off her clothes stained with the smell of alcohol.

Until he put her into the bathtub, she didn't respond. She just kept talking in a daze.

Seeing her like this, he was angry but thought it was funny. He helped her wash and asked, "Why not saying thank you made you so angry?"

It seemed that she was really angry about what happened this morning. She was young but got huffy.

After washing away the bubbles on Mia's body, he drew a bath towel to wrap her up and carried her out of the bathroom. Not far away, messy clothes broke into his eyes. He frowned slightly and walked over to kick them further.

It took him a lot of time to take them off. To put them on... was another trouble, so he thought not to do that.

The next day, the dazzling sunlight sprinkled on the bed through the huge floor-to-ceiling window. Mia only felt her throat burning and her head splitting.

She opened her eyes in a daze. The strange but a little familiar room sobered her up a lot in an instant.

The warm feeling fro

m her arm scared her more. She moved to the edge of the bed, but unexpectedly, his horizontally arm easily took her back. "Sleep a little longer, okay?"

His voice was low, mixed with the haze of getting up, which was very pleasant to hear. But the next moment, her hair stood up all over her body, and she pulled up the quilt to look inside.

She was frightened to sweat.

She was naked, and the bath towel was twisting beside her. She hurriedly pulled the bath towel to cover herself, turned her head, and saw a pair of smiling eyes.

"Well... Why am I here? Last night..."

What happened last night? She patted her head, but couldn't remember anything.

She couldn't drink much, but she wouldn't be unconscious after drinking two bottles of wine.

"You can't remember anything?" Ethan leaned against the bed with his arms supported. The quilt slipped off his body, revealing his chest.

Blushing, Mia turned her head and muttered, "Exhibitionism."

"What? What do you think?"

The warm breath behind her ears made her shiver. She got out of bed instantly and rushed to the bathroom. She threw a word, "Bastard!"

Mia went into the bathroom and checked it carefully. There was no discomfort except headache, which relieved her a lot.

"Mia." Ethan called her outside the door.

"What are you doing?" She shouted at the door in a bad tone.

"Of course I want to go to the toilet. Otherwise, what else can I do?"

She could do a lot of things... Of course, Mia didn't have the courage to say it out. She wrapped the bath towel again and walked out.

Outside the door, Ethan was only wearing a pair of flat horned underwear. Mia hurriedly looked away and avoided him. Seeing him go in, she picked up the clothes in a hurry and turned around to go downstairs.

There was a bell ringing in the room. She glanced at the door and continued to walk. Then Ethan's voice came from the bathroom, "Mia, give me the phone."

Mia threw the phone to him.

She went downstairs to wash her face and brush her teeth. As soon as she changed her clothes and turned around, Ethan, wrapped in a bath towel, leaned against the door and looked at her leisurely.

Before she could lose her temper, he said first, "Today is Saturday. There's a family gathering in the residence."

"It has nothing to do with me." She picked up the bath towel and threw it at him. "Can you knock on the door? Are you addicted to peeping?"

"My lady, does the family gathering have anything to do with you?" He took the bath towel she threw and said with a smile.

"I say it again. It has nothing to do with me. You have to keep your promise to me as soon as the time comes."

"As long as I'm satisfied."

"Despicable!" Mia spat and turned her head away.

She really doubted that she would have died before she could leave here.

This guy didn't have any other skills, but he had endless threats.

Did she try to go against him? Forget it. Don't die without knowing what will happen in the end.

When they arrived at the residence of the Su family, it was just half past ten. Ethan parked the car beside the garden in the front yard. Along the way, Mia was only looking at the scenery.

The residence of the Su family was really big. The garden in the front yard alone was even larger than that of the Yao family.

Alas... No wonder those people tried their best to get into the Su family. Their noble status could frighten many people just by showing off.

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