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   Chapter 17 Does It Hurt

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Looking at the woman carefully, the more she looked at her, the more familiar Mia felt. Suddenly, Mia shivered. She knew this woman!

She used to be in the same school with her. Her name seemed to be Lora Xue. There were many people admiring her at school. It was also because many boys who expressed their love met each other, fought and slandered each other. That was such a great drama.

No, it's not that kind of familiar...

While gasping for breath, Mia's eyes suddenly widened. Lora was the woman who danced with Aaron at the banquet two days ago. Although Lora didn't wear any delicate dress today, Mia was sure that they were the same person.

The woman shook her long hair and looked out. Mia was so scared that she turned around and ran away.

She ran back to the car in one breath, and her violent heartbeat did not relieve. Aaron's explanation at the banquet came to her mind, but at this moment, it seemed useless.

"Does it hurt?" Mia covered her chest and murmured.

No, it didn't hurt!

Even if her heart was twitching, she couldn't admit that she was painful. She couldn't admit that her brain was in a mess.

No! She had to calm down. The more painful it was, the calmer she had to be. No matter what the reason was, she knew that Aaron must have a reason.

She started the car slowly and chose a place where she could see the two person, but it was not easy for them to notice her. She parked the car and waited.

She wanted to know what they were doing and what their relationship was!

Not knowing what Aaron had said, Lora stood up angrily. He stood up in a hurry and grabbed her arm. She pushed him, but he pulled her into his arms. He held her waist with one hand and the back of her head with the other. His lips fell on Lora's.

Mia thumped his chest hard, and tears fell on the steering wheel and her legs.

Two timing?

She never thought that Aaron would be that kind of person, but the reality showed her no mercy. It seemed that he had put more efforts in coaxing Lora than her.

She was a fool!

She could have chosen to leave, but she wanted to see it with her own eyes before she believed it. Now, as she wished, she had seen their relationship clearly.

What about me? She felt nothing but heartache.

She bent over the steering wheel and sobbed silently. She had loved him for four years, but she ended up like this. If she knew it, she would rather they hadn't started.

She wouldn't have felt heartbroken pain, and she wouldn't have been expecting it all the time...

After a long time, Mia calmed down and wiped her face carelessly. Then she drove to the downtown. When she passed by the dessert shop, she couldn't help but glance into it from the corner of her eyes. But at this moment, the sofa beside the window was empty, and even the black glass table was shiny.

When she arrived at the mall, Mia washed her face first. Her light make-up was washed away by tears, and now her face was even worse. She wiped the water drops on her face indifferently, and left the bathroom with her bag.

Next to her, the flower shop and the life house were connected. The handmade flowers and works of art in the shop swept away her depression. She was in a bad mood. She didn't want to treat herself

shabbily, nor did she want the two people to be sweet while she was depressed and sad alone.

Not far away, a jade shop was besieged. Was it going to have a discount?

Mia's eyes lit up and walked towards the shop. She should cherish the one who loved her. Such as her mother and sister.

There were a lot of people. She tried her best to squeeze to the front, but she didn't see the advertisement for the discount. Instead, she saw a well-dressed lady arguing with the staff of the jade shop.

"Are you always treating others like this? Did you think I was blind? ?"

"Ma'am, if our shop assistants do something wrong, we apologize to you. But we really don't have the material you want." With a bun in her hair, the woman in a black suit was very respectful.

This lady looked at most like at her middle-age, and there was no sign of bloated in the purplish red cheongsam. Although there were a few strands of grey hair, she was way younger than her grandmother.

"Then change it again." She pushed the box in front of her.

"Well..." The shop assistant looked at her with embarrassment, and then said helplessly, "Okay, please wait a moment."

The crowd had dispersed a lot, but there were still some people around. Mia was curious about what kind of jade in the box could make her so angry.

But when she saw the jade bracelets put in order in the box, she was shocked.

Although she didn't know much about jade, grandma only loved jade. She had seen several bracelets that grandma loved so much, but they were still different from the ones in this box.

"Young lady, you know jade too?" A faint jasmine fragrance came to her nose.

"I don't know. But I think all these things look good." Mia stretched out her index finger, pointed at the box in front of her, and then turned to the person beside her.

The woman in front of her had short hair with ends curled inward. Looking at her, Mia found that she was really very thin. Feeling the old woman's smile, Mia said embarrassedly, "Sorry, I didn't mean it."

"Ha ha..."

The sudden laughter froze her.

The laughter didn't stop for a long time. Seeing the glitter in her eyes, Mia thought, 'Oh, no, should I call her Ma'am... or Miss?'

"Young lady, I'm as old as your grandma."

"Grandma! ?" Mia got close to her in surprise with her eyes wide open.

"I'm old enough to be your grandma." Then she stretched out two fingers and made a gesture in front of Mia.


Oh my God, Mia was completely stunned this time. The seventy year old woman looked like she was just at her fifties. She really took good care of herself.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting." The shop assistant's respectful voice interrupted the two of them.

The box in the shop assistant's hand was changed from green to white, and the surface was smooth as if covered with a layer of silk. The old woman next to her nodded with satisfaction and Mia got closer curiously.

There was a pure white jade bracelet lying in the box. She knew it would be warm and smooth without touching the bracelet.

It was flawless and crystal clear. Such a jade bracelet was really good.

The old woman stopped turning the bracelet, looked at her and asked, "Is this much better than before?"

"Yes, but..."

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