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   Chapter 16 Successful Interview

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Her favorite snacks became tasteless. She sniffed and picked up her phone to make a call.

Soon, a gentle voice came from the other end of the line, and the crystal in her eyes flashed more and more. "Mom..."

"Mia, why did it take you so long to call me? "There was a strong sense of missing in her unhappy words.

"Mom..."Mia called her Mon with guilt.

Tears fell down one by one on the package of snacks in her hand. Actually she was angry, but this was not the reason that she could be short tempered. She could always feel how much her mother loved her.

"I'm sorry. Mom I miss you so much."

"Silly girl, I miss you too." Sara couldn't hold back her sobs anymore. She kept asking if Mia was fine, whether she was wronged, what she ate, what she wore and what she used.

In the eyes of many people, Mia was so lucky to be able to marry Ethan.However, her mother's simple questions made her more bitter.

The people who love you the most are all worried about small problems, but also the things that can warm your heart the most. Because this concern was sincere and honest.

After hanging up the phone, Mia lay on the bed wearily. Tears streamed down the corners of her eyes. 'How did I become so fond of crying?' 'It's not a big deal. Just three months. I'll take it as a sport.

I could cry, but I had to face life bravely.'

After the bath, Mia picked out her favorite white suit skirt and looked a little energetic. She didn't sleep well last night and cried for so long, and her face was very pale.

With light make-up, Mia grinned at herself in the mirror.

Without seeing her tired face, Mia went out with satisfaction.

In Yao family

Mia held Sara's arms and rested her head on her mother's shoulder, "Mom, mom..."

"You naughty girl..."Sara smiled, but held her hand honestly.

"You are going to get married soon, but you still act like a spoiled child." Cathy teased.

"I don't want to get married. I'll stay with you for the rest of my life, and I want to see you every day..."

"Ouch!" Sara covered her mouth in panic and said nervously, "don't talk nonsense."

"Mom!" Cathy frowned and looked at Sara seriously.

Mia stopped talking, then Sara slowly put down her arm, turned around and stared at Cathy, "You also should remember, don't say anything that you shouldn't say."

"That's what I like of Sara."

The sudden voice made the three tremble at the same time, but the fear and worry in their hearts were different.

"Grandma." Mia looked at Mandy who was walking slowly and called her sweetly.

With a faint smile on her face, Mandy nodded and sat down on the sofa opposite the three. When she raised her head again, there was no kindness or smile in her eyes. "Mia, did Mr. Ethan know that you have come back?"

Mia shook her head.

"Did anyone in the Su family know that you are back?"

Mia shook her head again.

"Then why did you come back? Don't you even know what you should do now? " As Mandy spoke, her voice rose little by little.

Sara hurried to put in a good word for Mia, "Mom, Mia just went here to take something. She went to Su family in a hurry and didn't bring anything with her. "

"Can she be wronged in the Su family?" Mandy's drooping eyelids suddenly widened and said in a deep voice.

"Grandma, I will go back soon. Please don't be mad at my mother." Mia said softly.


back after lunch. Don't come back in the future if you have nothing else to say." Hearing that Mia would go back, Mandy was a little relieved.

Mia lowered her head. 'Who else could say anything about that I went back to my own home?'

Time passed quickly. After lunch, grandma stayed in the living room all the time. Mandy usually took an hour off after lunch. But now, she staring at Mia all the time.

Mia went downstairs with her bag. Looking at the person in the living room, the corners of her mouth twitched and she couldn't move.

"Have you finished? Don't waste time on excuses. " Mandy looked back at the three of them and said in a low voice.

"Grandma, it's not easy for Mia to come back. So what if she stays a little longer?" Cathy took a step forward and stood on the left front step of Mia.

"She can't come back before the engagement party is successfully held" Mandy's face turned gloomy and her eyes widened, staring at them.

"Emma, ask the driver Lee to send our Miss Mia home." Mandy turned around and ordered loudly.

"No, thanks. I'll drive my own car!" Before Emma answered, Mia said first.

'For the sake of the Yao family, I had done everything as my grandmother said. But why should I be restricted from going my own home? Couldn't I come back for comfort even when I was angry with Ethan? Then how could I get through the three months of suffering!'

'My further study was in vain, and my relationship had encountered setbacks. Now I was in a swamp. What on earth did I owe my grandmother in my previous life?'

Sara and Cathy sent Mia to the garage outside until she got in the car. They didn't go in. Mia felt sad, and her eyes began to wet. She held back her tears and said with a smile, "Cathy, go in with mother. I'm going back."

"Okay. Be careful on the way." Cathy held Sara's arm and answered softly.

"Mom, I'm leaving. Don't miss me too much, or you will get wrinkles. " Mia made a face naughtily. Before she finished speaking, she stepped on the gas and left.

Her silvery laughter was still ringing in the wind.

The white car was running smoothly, and Mia felt depressed and had nowhere to vent. 'I had to change my current state of life, or I would go crazy when facing Ethan every day.'

An advertisement caught Mia's attention and she stopped the car.

After a few seconds, her eyes lit up. The car started again.

At half past three, Mia appeared under the HT Building with a smile on her face.

She had just seen the advertisement of the HS Media. She had come here for an interview, but she didn't expect that she should succeed.

She got in the car and turned around.

She must tell this good news to Aaron. As long as she was busy, she didn't have to be locked in the cage like a canary every day. Aaron would feel better.

Suddenly Mia saw the Honey Dessert Shop, she got out of the car. Since Aaron liked the cakes here very much, she was going to bring him a cake by the way.

After two steps, the huge French window in front of her attracted her attention. The person sitting on the sofa next to the glass was none other than Aaron.

There was a woman sitting opposite him, whose long curly hair spread in front of her chest. No one knew what the two were talking about. The woman frowned and looked unhappy. Aaron kept talking. After a few minutes, the woman's face turned better.

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