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   Chapter 15 Heartless

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After saying that, he clasped the back of her head and pressed her down.

Mia struggled, but this time she easily escaped his imprisonment. She felt something was wrong. How could he let her escape so easily at this time? And the heat he sprayed on her face just now was burning.

He looked straight at her, but only with a domineering and cold feeling. The aura that made her scared had gone.

She pushed him, but his body shook and he fell back. What happened at this moment frightened her and she hurried to help him, but because of the difference in strength and the falling weight, they two fell to the ground together.

And Ethan fell on her!

She pushed him hard, but the weight on her body did not decrease a little, and she was even more painful because of the pressure again. Mia frowned and said, "Come on, don't pretend to be dead!"

He frowned and tightened his brows because of her push.

There was no response for a long time. He was not as usual. She touched his forehead and found it was hot. Then she shouted, "Aiden, Aiden..."

Aiden came up with the stranger. They carried Ethan to the bed, while the stranger was doing examination for Ethan.

"Is he a doctor?" Mia and Aiden stood side by side, waiting for the examination result.

"He is a doctor and Mr. Ethan's friend." Aiden got closer and said in a low voice.

Mia nodded and looked at the man curiously. His hair was short, his nose was noble, and his thin red lips were a little small and good-looking. He looked very serious at work.

Sure enough, a man who was serious was very handsome!

Most importantly, there was tenderness in his eyes. Even if he was serious at the moment, there was a faint smile in his eyes. This feeling inexplicably made people feel relaxed and liked. He was much more handsome than Ethan who had a long face every day, as if everyone owed him tens of millions.

"Ahem..." Hitting her with his elbow, Aiden coughed and said, "His name is Mike Chen."

She nodded, and a few seconds later, she widened her eyes and looked at Aiden in disbelief.

Seeing her shock, Aiden nodded affirmatively.

Mike Chen, the only son of the CEO of CS Group. It was said that Mike had no intention of taking over CS Group, but the specific reason was unknown.

But now she seemed to have known something. The man who seemed to be indifferent to the world definitely didn't like the business of deception.

But it was quite surprising that he chose to be a doctor.

"Nothing serious. He just have a fever." Mike put away the instrument and took out a long and thin syringe. Afraid of this, Mia looked away in a hurry.

After a short while, the injection was over. Mike handed a box of medicine to Aiden and said, "Leave someone to take care of him tonight, in case he gets sick again."


"I'm leaving now." Mike looked at the man on the bed again and said.

When Mia was about to go downstairs with Mike, a box of medicine was handed to her. "I'm going to send Mike away. You stay here and take care of him. I have something to deal with." Aiden said in a hurry.

Mia was dumbfounded.

When she came to her senses, the cars in the yard had already left at a high speed. There were only she and Ethan at home, and this task must belong to her.

'Aiden!' She liked Aiden before a

nd thought he was a good man!

She poured a glass of water and put it on the bedside table. Then she lay on the sofa and played with her cell phone. Within two minutes, she became sleepy.

The phone slipped down and smashed on her face, which made her completely awake. She stood up and glanced at the person on the bed, but heard a vague murmur.

'Is he out of his mind? Is he starting to talk nonsense?'

She approached him and touched his forehead. His fever had gone. 'Does this guy allow no one step on the second floor just because he's afraid of being found out that he's talking when sleeping?'

All of a sudden, her arm was grabbed. His eyes were still closed, and she didn't know what he was saying. Mia tried her best to break away, but failed. She just gave up and sat down on the bedside.

Looking at his restless lips, Mia's eyes flashed. If she could hear Ethan's secret, she could make him let her go home!

Mia got close to him excitedly.


The vague murmurs became clearer and louder as they entered her ears.

Her eyes twinkled when she heard the sound. She suddenly straightened up and kept a distance from him.

Her wrist, which was held by him, began to get hot. She struggled again. She exerted more strength, but the result was the same. She didn't give up until her wrist turned red.

He slept soundly, and there was a layer of dim shadow of long eyelashes on his face.

In the morning, a sudden force knocked Mia down to the ground.

She got up in a daze, and the man in bed was staring at her.

His cold eyes were full of vigilance, which brought Mia back to her senses. She reached out and touched his forehead, and said softly, "Huff...There's no fever."

"Why are you here?" His voice was low and hoarse, perhaps because he had a fever last night.

"No one is at home..." Mia was stunned and looked at him with her eyes wide open, "Why am I here?"

Ethan looked her up and down, uncovered the quilt, put on his shoes with his back to her, and walked to the bathroom, leaving Mia dumbfounded.

"Ethan, you've gone too far. You didn't even say thank you! You are really... Hiss..." Her arms numbed. This feeling could only be described as sourness.

"Get out! Or do you want to take a shower with me?" The bathroom door was opened from inside. He leaned against the door, wrapped in a bath towel, with his hands around his chest, and looked at her indifferently.

"Are you crazy?" Mia sneered and stood up stiffly. The door of the bathroom was slammed shut with a bang. She looked at the door fiercely and shouted, "Ethan, you are so heartless!"

What happened to her? Why did she stay here last night. Maybe Aiden said that just because he wanted her to stay and take care of him.

Ethan must have been thinking about how to torture her and take revenge on her last night. She had been embarrassed for a long time. She was just stupid, so brainless!

After leaving the room, Mia stood in the corridor for a long time until she could feel her limbs. She went downstairs, simply washed her face and rinsed her mouth, and then picked up a few bags of snacks to return to her room.

All of a sudden, she missed her mother so much. She missed her mother's specialty and Emma's home cooking.

She missed everyone in her family...

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