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   Chapter 14 You Are Mad

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"Ahem..." The stranger next to them coughed slightly. Feeling the gaze of them, he clenched his fists and gently pressed them against his mouth.

But his gloating smile could not be suppressed.

"I'm not kidding." Aiden frowned and said in a serious tone.

It was the first time that Mia had seen Aiden being so serious, so she stopped joking.

Aiden straightened up and said seriously, "When I fed Jelly, I called him. He asked me to do something. After I finished my work, I called him and he answered. Then I called him, but he didn't answer. Then he hung up and turned off his phone. His private phone won't be powered off..."

"Did you bring me here just because you couldn't connect with him? Come on, you have to know what time it is now." The stranger complained, but received a sharp eye from Aiden.

"Maybe he is asleep." Mia stood up and was about to go back to her room.

That guy was completely insane and unpredictable. No one could really understand him.

"Mr. Ethan drank in the afternoon." Aiden shouted anxiously.

"He wants to drink. Let he drink! !"

"Not... Anyway, you can go upstairs and have a look." With a tough attitude, Aiden's body blocked Mia's way.

What's wrong with these two? They always like to block the way. Haven't they heard that great barkers are no biters?

"Why me!? Didn't you say that you wouldn't let me go to the second floor since the day I came in? And now you are encouraging me to go up again. Don't you think that when he gets angry, I will be the scapegoat! "

Since Ethan came back home today, she had been in a bad mood because of Aaron. She won't go to see him. He was the culprit who had caused so much trouble. How could she be so idle!

The more she thought about it, the more depressed she was. It was all caused by Ethan!

"Mia, if you had known what Mr. Ethan had done for you, you wouldn't have said that." Aiden whispered. He looked up at the second floor and said again, "Do you know where the vegetarian dish came from on the first night? It was Mr. Ethan who made the dish!"

"You know, last time, in order to give you a surprise, he came back with the puppy as soon as he got off the plane. But he heard you chatting with Aaron in the bathroom... He doesn't like animals, but he brought them back for you! What for? I know why though he didn't tell me. It's because you always meet Aaron. Even if it's a contract or an agreement, you should care about Mr. Ethan's feelings. He has never done this for anyone!"

"You know why he went to the supermarket to catch you, because he knew that you gave Aaron a gift before. Otherwise, why did he buy a brand he never wore? And he bought so many at one time. He is reminding you with actions."

"Do you know what will happen to John in the Ferry Bar? You must know nothing either..."

"Well, even if you didn't know everything, even if you couldn't understand, now you should understand!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Aiden fell down on the sofa. Mia stood still, as if her steps were filled with lead, so heavy that she was unconscious.

Every word of Aiden was like a bomb thrown into her mind. She allowed them to explode!

Even a fool would un

derstand when everything was connected. But why did Ethan insist on marrying her since he knew her relationship with Aaron.

Did Ethan fall in love with her? How could it be possible? She couldn't even convince herself.

"You can just forget what I said tonight. I just want you to go upstairs and check on him. He took a cold shower and drank a lot. I'm worried about him. You don't know what Mr. Ethan's safety means to those people, so..." Aiden wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. His words forced Mia to go upstairs.

Mia was angry and amused, but now everything was messed up.

She turned around and stepped back slowly.

The stranger next to them was obviously shocked by what Aiden said. At this moment, he looked at the person beside him with his mouth wide open. Until Mia's slender figure flashed in front of the two. Then he stuttered, "Aiden, I didn't notice that you are now misled by Ethan. How dare you use any method?"

The corners of Aiden's mouth twitched stiffly. He glanced sideways at Mike beside him.

Mia had never been to the second floor, so she was not familiar with here. She slowed down and walked to the room on the right.

"Get out!"

The sudden roar startled Mia. But this also exposed the specific location of Ethan's room. She curled her lips and walked straight forward, while her right hand twisted the doorknob quickly.

The door was pushed open slowly.

"Aiden, you are getting bolder!" His deep voice was mixed with displeasure, like a sleeping lion disturbed by external factors.

Mia's heart trembled uncontrollably, but she was even angrier because of his attitude. He was too old to be angry like a child. It was so funny to make others worry about him.

She stepped forward and said, "Are you sure you want me to get out? You should know that I have always been longing for it! !"

As she spoke, she looked for Ethan in the direction of the voice. After a long time, she saw him standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The night and curtain perfectly covered him.

He moved his body, and his gloomy face became colder. Mia smiled and walked forward fearlessly. As long as Ethan repeated it, she would really run away. The three month deadline would become invalid easily.

Under the dim moonlight, half of his face by the window was covered. The fur on his face was very clear, like a newborn baby, making people want to touch him. She looked into his eyes, only to find that his originally deep eyes were now filled with red blood streaks.

Before she could ask, he said first, "You want to leave? The more you want to leave, the more I want to tie you up to me. Without my permission, you can only stay with me!"

All the grievances became a violent flood, which washed away everything that Aiden said before, and also drowned her. She shouted in a low voice, "Ethan, you are mad!"

No, she was crazy!

How could she care about his safety? How could she be so worried about him just now!

She turned around and wanted to escape, but he turned faster. Ethan held her shoulders with both hands and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm a lunatic, but... It's time for you to know that better!"

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