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   Chapter 13 Make An Agreement With Fiancé

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He held a woman's slender waist and danced in the middle of the dancing floor. The woman was wearing a red chiffon dress. Every time he threw her out, the hemline of her dress would stretch like beautiful flowers.

Mia couldn't take her eyes off the woman!

'No wonder he forgot me. No wonder he was not worried at all. It turned out that all his thoughts were here!'

Mia burst into laughter and stood up uncontrollably. She held her head high and drew closer to the two persons step by step. The night wind swept, stirring her water blue dress and long hair, like a swaying sail on the sea.

The two danced affectionately. She stood still and applauded with a smile.

Her applause attracted the attention of the people around, and the two ended the dance with a hug.

Aaron glanced at her and said to the woman beside him, "Thank you."

The woman pursed her lips, nodded and left.

Mia finally moved her lips and smiled. Aaron took a step forward, but she suddenly turned around and walked towards the place where she came before.

"Mia!" The sound of rapid footsteps came from behind.

His voice was still gentle, and it was still the one she loved in her heart. Why was she not happy at all?

"Mia, listen to me. It's not what you see!" He sped up and strode to her.

Mia stopped and looked at Aaron, who was so close to her. All the doubts in her mind disappeared, and she looked at him quietly.

"I received the notice of the party this afternoon. I wanted to tell you, but my phone was out of power. I came here directly from the company."

"Okay, I know." She saw the tie on his neck. It was the one she gave him a few days ago. With his nervous explanation, she smiled faintly.

Maybe it was really her fault. Because of the marriage, her confidence and security had disappeared in the past three months. That was why she had been suspicious of him at the first time.

"Why are you here?" Aaron suddenly changed the subject and asked.

Mia got nervous at once.

This topic finally came! What should she say? Aiden was still there...

"Mia?" Aaron held her shoulders tightly.

"I..." Looking at his suspicious eyes, she didn't know what to do. The next moment, her arm was pulled and she went in the direction of the force.

The familiar breath, the hard chest, and the palm made her more nervous.

"Mia, is he your friend?" Ethan took back his arm, and Mia fell into his arms steadily. Before Mia could answer, he added, "It seems that Mia hasn't come yet to introduce her fiancé to her friend."

These words seemed to be said to Aaron, but in fact, they were said to Mia.

But the marriage was just a deal without any substantial implementation. Why did Ethan say that?

It was only necessary to cooperate with him on some important occasions which didn't include such unimportant banquet!

He did it on purpose. Mia understood.

"Excuse me." Ethan raised his head arrogantly and said in a cold tone.

Then she held Mia and walked out.

Everything happened too fast. Mia turned around and looked at Aaron, who was stunned behind her. His face was gloomy and his whole body was stiff as if he was struck by lightning.

Mia knew that such news must be a big blow to him.

But Ethan didn't leave any time for her to explain. They got on the car and drove away from the banquet quickly.

Mia felt disappointed, worried and nervous... All kinds of emotions came one after another, and the pressure they gave her was about to drown her.

The car stopped in the front yard of the villa, and Mia quickly got out of the car. When she entered the living room, the footsteps behind her were clear and audible. She said in a hurry, "I'm going back to my room."

The man behind her looked gloomier when he saw Mia running away.

He cooperated with her and pretended to turn a blind eye to some things, but she didn't have any feelings, and entangled with Aaron again and again.

She was his woman. She had been the one since he chose her. He made concessions again and again, but the result was not ideal. What was wrong with him? He became cautious, worried and hesitant...

With heavy and self-mocking steps, Ethan went up to the second floors. Aiden looked at the room on the first floor, and then looked at the stairway on the second floors. Finally, he sighed and went to the front yard to play with Jelly.

Mia picked up the clothes to change and went to the bathroom. After sitting in the bathtub and hesitating for a while, she finally summoned up the courage to call Aaron. No matter what he thought, she had to make it clear to him first.

"Beep..." The phone was connected with only one ring.

"Aaron, it's me." Her tone was light, but it was full of tiredness and tiredness that made people feel sorry for her.

"I know."

He was indifferent. Well, it seemed that her previous guess was right. She took a deep breath and said, "It's not what you see! You know that my sister was the one who was supposed to get married. Later..." Mia told everything to Aaron.

"Just an agreement?" He asked.

"Yes!" She answered firmly.

"Then we can talk about our marriage after the agreement is over." Aaron said.

Mia was supposed to be happy, but she couldn't.

He must love her. Otherwise, how could he still choose to wait for her when he knew this. But he didn't love her as much as she thought. Otherwise, why did he wait until three months to get married?

Can't he tell? She had no chance to go abroad for further study, and her marriage was still postponed.

She hung up the phone in a fret and buried herself in the bathtub...

At night, the starry sky twinkled and silence penetrated every place.

Mia didn't sleep well, and even turning over from time to time couldn't suppress the mess in her dream. In a daze, a low voice entered her brain.

Her eyelashes slightly moved and she opened her eyes. The sound she heard was clearer.

She tiptoed to the door and confirmed that it was the sound from the living room. Opening the door, she walked towards the living room carefully. Seeing that Aiden was whispering to a man, Mia breathed a sigh of relief, stood up straight and asked, "What's wrong?"

Her voice interrupted the two person's conversation. Aiden looked at her with evasively. She looked back silently.

With a sigh, Aiden pressed her against the sofa and said, "Mr. Ethan is in a bad mood today."

"Isn't he always like this?" Mia muttered.

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