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   Chapter 12 Buy Him Bankruptcy

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"No, no, I mean, yes, you are very nice to me. " Mia stepped back little by little. She didn't stop until she felt that Ethan couldn't touch her even if he stretched out his arm.

"The clothes were put on the bed and you can pick one you like." Then he pushed her away and walked out.

Mia turned her head and watched him leave, but she complained in her heart, 'is he in the menopause?' 'He even interferes with what clothes I wear. How could he be so idle?'

Mia locked the door and walked to the bed. There were indeed several clothes neatly placed on the bed. 'But why were they all evening dresses? I had bought one two days ago.'

'Anyway, I didn't have to pay for these dresses. I'd better keep buying until he goes bankrupt.' 'But who would go out for a walk and wear an evening dress?' Mia wondered what this guy would do to her.

Although Mia felt uneasy, she still carefully selected a dress, but all the dresses on the bed were floor length dresses, and none of them was short.

Helplessly, she chose a water blue dress, which looked fresh and lively.

When Mia changed her clothes and came out, Ethan was answering a phone in front of the French window. Mia stood still and looked at him calling. She knew him better. Every time he called, he seemed to like to stand in front of the French window, and the people behind him could not see his expression.

'Well, it seemed that this was more suitable for him. A man who always calculated others would definitely not let others see his expression.'

While she was thinking, Ethan slowly turned around and she quickly looked away.

"Come here." After a while, Ethan called her gently.

Mia walked towards him with her long dress. He raised his hand and gently smoothed her long hair. Although her long hair was not completely dried, it did not drop any water. Because of his action, she felt that the long hair on her neck was stuck to her skin.

She tilted her head slightly to avoid his abnormal movements, but she did not expect that the voice beside her ears was still gentle.

"It's very beautiful. That's it." He picked up her hair and tucked it behind her ear.

Perhaps it was because she had just taken a shower, the dress exposed her shoulders and collarbones which look more attractive. Her delicate face was slightly pink, and her eyes were as agile as a clear spring. She moved her eyes from time to time, and her lovely and ethereal appearance made Ethan excited.

Then he held her hair with both hands and let them casually fall behind her snow-white neck.

"Well, let's go." Aiden reminded him in a low voice.

Ethan stretched out his arm and waited for Mia, but she didn't put her hand on his palm. Instead, she pulled the suit at the corner of his arm distantly.

Ethan's face didn't change, but his eyes swept away the previous tenderness and pampering. He paused for two seconds and took a step forward.

Speechless all the way, Mia's whole heart was on Aaron. She was eager to know where he was, what he was doing and who he was with.

'I didn't attend the appointment, but why didn't Aaron call me? Didn't he worry about me at all?'

The car stopped and someone opened the door for them. Mia took back her messy thoughts and looked at the destination.

There was an angel fountain in the middle of the garden, but there was nothing novel around. In a cold voice, Ethan said, "come here."

Mia walked slowly towards him.

Because of her position in the family, she seldom attended any parties, but it didn't mean that she knew nothing about the party. But the place she came now was real

ly strange to her.

And here, the only person she could follow closely was Ethan.

She held his arm and let him lead her inside. Through the slender arched corridor, they came to an open-air hall. In the center of the hall, there were all kinds of colorful lights, and around the center of the hall, there were garden tables of different sizes and colors with the same shape. The table was covered with pink tablecloth, and there were a lot of food on the table. Behind the round table was an open space.


Mia's eyes lit up. 'As long as Ethan was busy later, I could eat and drink what I want. It was not difficult at all.'

As if Ethan had seen through her intention, he said softly, "don't eat anything casually in similar occasions in the future."


Mia despised him in her heart. 'I was not a famous person in MY City, and I didn't always think about how to plot against others. Who would always want to hurt me?'

'Look, those who have done many bad things are totally different.'

It was not until Ethan took her to a secret place to sit down that Mia asked curiously, "don't they know you?"

He looked around and ignored her question.

'Don't answer my question?

That meant no one knew him. Now that no one knew them. Why did they come in so smoothly just now?'

In fact, it was more than smooth, Aiden even drove directly to the arched corridor, but Mia would not know this.

In less than half an hour, Mia lost her interest. She sat aside and chatted with Annie on WeChat. There were only these people coming and going here, talking about either travelling or greeting. Behind the fake smiles, there were either gossips or touching someone's secrets. This kind of hypocrisy made Mia very unhappy.

The phone was powered off, so Mia almost played everything she could. She looked at Ethan beside her several times, only to find that he was just sitting quietly, with his eyes shaking from time to time.

Her heart was beating fast before she left home, but now she felt so bored that she was about to go moldy. Again, she was sure that the generation gap between her and Ethan was really big!

"It's over there." Aiden bowed and whispered in Ethan's ear.

Ethan turned around, glanced at Mia who was about to fall asleep, and smiled brightly.

Then he stood up slowly and looked down at her.

It was already dark, and the sudden shadow made Mia shake her eyelids and slowly open her eyes. "Are we going back?"

"We'll go back after things are done." Then he pulled her up from the chair.

Perhaps it was because Mia was really sleepy that she walked weakly and slowly. Ethan had no choice but to hold her tightly in his arms and put half of her weight on himself.

Mia wanted to struggle instinctively, but when it occurred to her that no one knew them here, then she stopped struggling and just let him hold her. After all, she was really sleepy.

They came to the open-air hall that they had seen before. At this time, the atmosphere was much more lively than before. Men and women were dancing in the center, and all kinds of people were talking happily around the round table.

"Aiden, stay here with her." Ethan ordered in a low voice, looking at the other dark place against the wall, and walked over with his hands in his pockets.

The two sat down and chatted happily.

While they were talking, the expression on Aiden's face changed slightly and then disappeared quickly. Mia caught the instant expression on Aiden's face, and thought that Ethan was back.

However, when she looked back, she saw a familiar person.

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