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   Chapter 11 His Woman

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Mia clearly heard this painful scream. The owner of this voice had touched her before, but at this moment, this louder scream made her tremble uncontrollably.

She walked past Ethan's long legs, but her arms were grabbed before her palms touched the door handle. She turned around and pushed him, but he was not affected at all. When they pulled, the door opened and closed from time to time.

All of a sudden, she saw black water drops falling on the black and bright floor and quickly gathering together. The wretched man was supported by a fat man who looked forty or fifty years old. His white collar was down, rendering a burgundy flower.

The scream disappeared, but it was replaced by a heavy breath, which drilled into her ears one by one.

Ethan pulled his wrinkled shirt and took her arm to the outer room. Aiden turned on the light when he saw them coming out.

The light was brighter. Mia lowered her head and saw the water stains on the ground...

It was not water stains, but blood!

At this time, Ethan moved his arm to her shoulder and tightened it. He stared at the man who lowered his head and said, "See clearly. She is my woman. Whoever dares to hurt her is courting death!"

Mia's body suddenly froze. They were just acting. Why did he say it? Three months later, they were over. She thanked him for saving her, but not in the way of announcing the relationship.

"Mr. Su, please forgive him. Don't lower yourself to the same level as him." The middle-aged man holding the guy said in a trembling voice.

Ethan stood still, unmoved.

"Mr. Su, if we delay any longer, his arm will really be broken." The middle-aged man gritted his teeth and pleaded again.

"Anyway, I will show you courtesy." Ethan said softly.

Gary nodded and thanked him. Then he walked out with the man. Anyway, John regarded him as uncle. They had cooperated for many times, so he couldn't just stand by and do nothing! But he knew that in the future, he would have no place to speak in front of Ethan.

After all, it was not easy to pay back the favor that he owed Ethan.

Hearing that, Mia lowered her hand which was pinching Ethan's waist.

Ethan left the Ferry Bar with Mia. The party was over now.

When she got home, she called Annie.

The atmosphere in the living room was a little subtle. Sitting quietly on the sofa, Ethan was thinking about something. While Aiden was feeding Jelly in the front yard. After standing for a while, she always felt uncomfortable and fled back to her room.

She didn't know how many more sides he had. The more she got along with Ethan, the more she felt that this man was unpredictable and his means were harder to make her afraid. If she had escaped in the past, he had used the same method to deal with her. She didn't know if she could still live in his house safely.

After this incident, Mia was much more obedient. She stayed at home for two days without going out, and her daily life was nothing but playing with Jelly. The repeated life finally made her feel bored to death.

The weather in the afternoon was very good, and it was not very hot. Aaron called and said that he had something to send her. The appointed time was half past five in the afternoon, which was the time he just got off work. She could go shopping and wait for him downstairs of his comp


Outside the gate, Mia was in high spirits. It was the air outside that was fresh ~

When she saw the car slowly stopping in front of her, her bouncing steps froze!

Wearing a blue and black formal suit, Ethan slowly got out of the car. Sitting on the driver's seat, Aiden smiled at her, which was obviously saying, "Pray for yourself!"

"What are you going to do outside?" Ethan came to her and asked softly.

"Nothing. I just want to go out for a walk." She answered.

"I'll take you out for a walk tonight." Then he took her back to the villa.

Depressed, Mia curled up on the sofa. She cursed herself for being stupid for countless times in her heart. She even couldn't tell a lie. If she had known it earlier, she would have say that she was going out to meet her friend!

When Ethan came out of the bathroom, Mia was still lying on the sofa. He wiped his hair with a towel and said, "Are you waiting for me to serve you?"

"What? What?" When she came back to her senses, she turned around and saw the picture of the handsome man coming out of the bathroom. She stared blankly at his naked upper body. There were still water drops on his fair chest, and the muscles textures were clearly visible. Every line of his body made him look stronger.

This guy's figure was really good.

"Have you seen enough?" The evil and attractive voice with chuckle resounded above her head.

"No." It seemed that there was something guiding her and she had no time to cover the truth.

"Then take a few more looks." Ethan's eyes narrowed, and he was very happy for her answer.

Mia looked him up and down carefully. It was not until her eyes stopped at the navel that she felt a burning sight locked on her.

She raised her head and looked into his smiling eyes. She looked away awkwardly, and her face flushed like a ripe shrimp.

"There is still an hour left." As he spoke, he threw the towel on the table, with his arms supporting the sofa, and imprisoned Mia in front of his chest. He said softly, "I'm willing to do it for you."

"Bastard!" Mia pushed his fair chest, turned around and ran to the room.

This guy did it on purpose. She didn't expect his way of flirting with girls to be so powerful!

She covered her beating heart and breathed heavily to calm herself down.

It only took her half an hour to take a shower. When she returned to the room wrapped in a bath towel, there was an uninvited guest in the room. She held the bath towel and looked vigilantly at Ethan standing beside the wardrobe. "Uncle Su, let's discuss it. Don't enter my room without my permission in the future!"

Uncle Su?

The smile on Ethan's face froze in an instant. This girl really focus on his identity.

"What did you just call me?" He asked in a choked voice.

Mia was stunned.

She had called him uncle not long ago. Why couldn't she call him uncle now.

"Mia, am I too kind to you?" As Ethan spoke, he slowly put his hands into his trousers pockets.

If Ethan was kind to her during this period of time. Then... she was afraid that she would no longer believe that there was love in the world. Since she moved in, she had been either careful or cautious almost every day. How could she really relax in these days?!

"What?" Ethan took two steps forward, swallowed and made a deep voice of doubt.

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