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   Chapter 10 A Vulgar Man

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"Anyway, I didn't do well in the exam. It's good for me to enjoy early, so that I wouldn't have to suffer the mixed double fighting at home in the future." Annie was quite optimistic. Before Mia could say anything, she continued, "well, do you have any place to visit at the classmate reunion?"

"Classmate reunion! ?" Mia suddenly stood up from the sofa. How could she forget about it!

"Oh my God! Don't say that you have forgotten." Feeling speechless, Annie had a new understanding of her best friend's memory. After all, the person who had been the most excited to attend the classmate reunion was Mia, but now she forgot it.

Mia and Annie chatted for a long time before they reluctantly hung up the phone.

'At the classmate reunion in two days, I must have a good time and adjust my mood, in case that I would not smile once I get angry with Ethan in the future.'

As time went by

Soon it was time for the reunion.

After dinner, a group of people came to the Ferry Bar.

The consumption level of the Ferry Bar was very transparent. The higher the floor is, the more luxurious it would be. The decoration style would gradually change with the floor number.

This was not only a symbol of strength, but also a symbol of identity.

The group of people were led by Lily to the fifteen floor. The number of the floor made everyone look at Lily with curiosity.

Mia had already drunk a lot at the table. At this moment, she wanted to sober up in the lively atmosphere, but there were always people who didn't let her go well. Beside her, Annie's body was a little weak, and she just fell on Mia.

Obviously, Annie was completely drunk. 'If she continued to drink it, I would be the one to suffer in the end. Although she was small, she was a little heavy.'

Mia helped Annie lean against the sofa and then walked out of the room with her phone.

When Mia came out of the bathroom, she washed her face with a basin of water. Suddenly she heard someone cursing behind her.

"Bah, damn it!"

"After I finish this business, I'll see if you can still be so arrogant. Gary is such a bastard. They have cooperated before!"

The voice made Mia frown. She turned off the tap, then turned around and took two quick steps. However, the road ahead was blocked by an arm full of fat flesh.

"Hey, girl, where are you going?" The man straightened his body and stood in front of Mia.

With a cold face, Mia looked at the man in front of her. There is obscene green light in his eyes. As he spoke, his fat face was completely squeezed into a ball.

His evil eyes wandered on Mia. Mia shivered with disgust and took a big step back.

The man's eyes did not restrain, but fixed on her thighs.

The cold touch behind her made her heart suffocate, but the smile on the man's face became more and more obscene. The round belly was getting closer and closer, and he reached out to her face.

Just as the man was about to touch her, Mia bent over and got out of the man's arm. Then she ran as fast as she could.

She didn't expect that there would be someone so bold to flirt with a girl in the corridor. The Ferry Bar really opened her eyes.

"Ouch..."After two steps, she felt a sharp pain in her scalp.

"Damn it! Who do you work for? How dare you go upstairs without being taught well?" The man grabbed her black hair and cursed.

Her scalp tingled, but the harsh words covered the

pain on it. 'As the daughter of Yao family, how could I be a prostitute?'

Mia gritted her teeth and said fiercely, "let me go!"

"Wow, you are so young."

"Watch your mouth! !"


The fire in Mia's eyes was about to condense into substance, and this man actually hit her buttock!

Regardless of the pain on her scalp, the sense of humiliation and disgust made her fight back crazily. She raised her leg and kicked at the man's lower body.

"Bitch!" The man grabbed her long hair and pushed her hard. Mia staggered and fell back.

However, she didn't feel the pain as she expected, but smelled the familiar fragrance of tea. The warm embrace made her slowly open her eyes. When she saw the person who was looking down at her, she opened her eyes widely. And at the next second, she struggled to stand up from his arms.

"Take her in." After Mia stood up, Ethan ordered coldly with a gloomy face.

Mia stood where she was and smoothed her hair awkwardly. The steady breathing of the man next to her made her more and more uneasy. She looked up at his expression, but did not expect to see a pair of cold and piercing eyes.

There was a sharp blade in Ethan's eyes, and he looked at her with an unreadable meaning.

"I...I'll go first. " Mia pointed to the private room and stammered.

She turned around and lifted her eyelids helplessly. She felt that she was a little withered in front of him. 'Why should I be afraid of him? Wasn't it just the cold look that I had seen before?' 'What am I you afraid of? I'm so timid!'

Ethan stepped forward and stopped her. His face became more and more gloomy. He lowered his head for a while and said, "who let you out?"

Mia looked at him blankly and didn't answer. 'How could I answer such an idiot's question? He was so busy every day. Even so, he still monitored my movements all the time. Wasn't he tired?'

"Well, it seems that you really need a lesson!" Ethan's red lips rose 45 degrees and his eyes narrowed slightly.

His eyes were as sharp as eagle's. Mia instinctively stepped back, but she was still a little slow. Ethan held her wrist tightly and pulled her to follow him obediently. No matter how she struggled and kicked, the man in front of her were completely indifferent.

"Bang!" Ethan kicked into the door of a private room.

The dim room blurred Mia's sight, and she indistinctly saw figures shaking. Without looking up and down, Ethan pushed her into the private room on the inner side.

There was a sofa in the private room, and a double bed was placed in the center of the room. Mia was a little confused. This private room was divided into a small chess and card room, where there was actually a bed!

'Ethan chose such a private room with a bed in this kind of place. I wouldn't believe that he didn't have any romantic idea.'

Ethan looked up and saw her expression. He felt very speechless and then sat down on the armchair. He simply crossed his legs, which pulled his originally straight legs even longer.

"Ah..."Suddenly a miserable scream came in.

Mia took a look at the door, then stood up and walked over. With a stretch of Ethan's long leg, he stopped her and said, "just stay here."

She stared at him, but he was indifferent to the constant screams outside.

"Ah! Mr. Ethan, please forgive me! ! I was wrong. I won't do that again! I dare not..."The miserable scream was like a wolf's howl.

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