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   Chapter 9 How Could Your Words Be So Efficacious

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Closing the wardrobe, Mia lay down in the middle of the bed, but her heart was blank.

In the darkness, Mia went out of the room. The huge villa was terribly quiet. She looked around and then walked to the table.

There was a note on the table, "have dinner by yourself. "

There were still four dishes and one soup. She was smart this time. She picked up some vegetables and tasted them, but found that they were inexplicably delicious. However, the taste was much different from the yesterday's.With the tongue of a foodie, she was sure that they were not made by the same person.

After dinner, Ethan still didn't come back. Mia decisively went into the bathroom. She had already found a super luxurious bathtub in the bathroom. She didn't dare to wash it yesterday, but she decided to have a try today.

The bathtub's water outlet was on the wall, with many holes that could discharge water at the same time. She filled the bathtub with water and sat down.

Taking a bubble bath was a kind of enjoyment. Mia picked up her phone and hesitated for a long time before dialing the familiar number.

However, the phone was still unanswered.

Feeling disappointed, Mia took her phone away, but just then she saw that the phone was connected, so she quickly pressed the phone against her ear again, "hello..."

"Mia, I was taking a shower just now." Aaron's voice sounded a little breathless.

However, the voice of Mia in the receiver sounded a little depressing, with steady but shallow breath. Aaron couldn't help but feel a little anxious, "Mia, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just want to hear your voice." Mia sniffed and finally held back what she wanted to say.

She knew that this was the last chance. If she didn't tell him, she would never have a chance in the future.

But she still insisted.

"Silly girl, I will accompany you well after I finish my work in several days."

"Okay, don't lie to me." Mia said happily.

"No, I won't." Aaron made a firm promise.

"Mia!" Suddenly, a voice came from outside. Mia said to the phone in a hurry, "I'll wait for your call. Bye."

"Bang, bang, bang!" The loud knock on the door made Mia frown. Fortunately, she hung up the phone, otherwise, Aaron would definitely hear the noise.

"What's wrong with you again?

I have something to tell you." Ethan said outside the door.

"Wait for me to finish my shower!" Mia gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, but the blue veins on her forehead were jumping.

"I'll break in if you don't come out!" Then Ethan kicked the door of the bathroom twice.

"Are you crazy?" Mia rolled her eyes at the door, stood up, and put on her bathrobe, then opened the door and looked at him, "say it! What's the matter? "

Ethan held her wrist and took her to the living room.

In the living room, there was a lovely colorful dog cage, in which lay a little dog about one month old. It was palm sized and very cute.

"Can you support it?" Looking at her happy face, Ethan asked with a smile.

"Is there any milk at home?" Mia asked, squatting in front of the cage.

Ethan pulled the small bag beside the dog cage and took out milk powder, calcium pills and nutritious powder

Mia looked at him doubtfully and asked, "do you know how to raise a dog?"

"No, I won't."

'He didn't know how to raise a dog, but he had prepared everything. What a boring guy!'

Mia named the dog "Jelly" and held it in her arms after feeding it.

"If you keep holding it, it will suffer from indigestion and might vomit on you." Looking at the bright smile on

her pink face, Ethan smiled slightly and said in a soft voice.

"Of course not." Mia retorted.

"Let it sleep in the garden at night."

"No, it will sleep with me." Hearing this, Mia leaned back slightly and looked at Ethan vigilantly.

"Are you sure you won't crush it to death at night?" Ethan looked at Jelly and said, raising his eyebrows.

"No! I won't!" 'Was I that stupid?'


"Oh god..."

Before Ethan finished his words, Mia let out an exclamation. And then they looked at each other for a moment. In an instant, their eyes both fell on the dog in Mia's arms. The fur at the corners of Jelly's mouth turned white, and Mia clearly felt that her arms were wet.

"Ethan! How could your words be so efficacious! !" Mia raised her head and asked angrily.

A smile that she had never seen flashed across Ethan's face in front of her. It was a real smile, beautiful and sunny.

"It stinks!" Ethan looked at Mia in disgust and reached out to take Jelly out of her arms.

Mia had no choice but to go back to the bathroom and take a simple shower! When she came out, she saw Ethan in the front yard. She walked up and saw a beautiful small house. Jelly had occupied a corner and fell asleep in it.

The thought of sleeping with it vanished. Mia turned around and walked into the room.

Looking back at her receding figure, Ethan's face darkened.

Early in the morning, as soon as the dawn broke, Mia had already got up. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she rushed to the small house with Jelly, only to find that Jelly's belly was already round.

She went back to the living room with little interest. Footsteps came from the second floor. Mia looked over and saw Ethan who was wearing black casual clothes, coming downstairs. The morning sun was full of vitality, and coated the early bird with a layer of halo.

Ethan walked casually with a natural temperament, which made his laziness become charming.

Some people were the gifts of God and the darling of God. Ethan belonged to this kind of people. He had a perfect face and figure, and a rich family that no one else could reach with effort.

Even the Yao family was like a chicken ribs in front of the Su family.

That was why Mia was so humble. She used her three months to exchange for the protection of the Su family, and for the safety of her mother and sister.

"You are such an anthomaniac in the early morning!"

The voice resounded in Mia's ear. She collected her thoughts and said indifferently, "I'm not interested in you."

A smile appeared in Ethan's eyes, and he didn't express any dislikes about her retort.

"Mr. Ethan, breakfast is ready."

A voice came from the kitchen. It was Aiden. Mia looked over and saw a woman following behind Aiden.

Seeing Mia's eyes, Aiden explained," this is Lucy. She has been in charge of Mr. Ethan's food."

Mia nodded and understood who made the food she had eaten before.

After breakfast, Ethan and Aiden left. Mia was left alone in the big house. After playing with Jelly for a while, she felt bored.

The phone on the table rang, interrupting the boring atmosphere. "Annie!"

"Mia, I'm back. Hahaha..."Annie's voice came through the receiver, deafening.

"You are finally back!" Mia murmured powerlessly.

Annie was the only best friend of Mia. After graduation, Annie went on a trip with her parents. And then she left, only with a simple message sent to tell Mia about her leaving. After that, the heartless little guy flew away decisively, leaving Mia alone to sleep at every day.

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