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   Chapter 8 Win A Round

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"Hello! This is a public place. Take care of your image." There were unreadable gazes around, but Mia felt that they were watching a play, and they expected a climax.

All of a sudden, at the end of the goods shelf appeared Aiden. She seemed to see a savior and stretched out her hand to shout, "Aiden, help! This guy is crazy!"

"Aha..." The man behind her sneered.

The smile made her hair stand on end. The next moment, the sky and earth were spinning again. She finally understood that this fellow took her as a sandbag and carried her away without saying a word.

"My food, my food! !" She was carried on Ethan's back but shouted at Aiden.

"Shut up!"

A low rebuke was accompanied by a crisp sound. He successfully made her shut her mouth. Her small face was so red that she wanted to bury it on his back. How could this guy spank her in public?!

The next moment, a shackle force came from the corner of her legs. Then she turned around from behind and fell into his arms. He lowered his head and glanced at the woman in his arms.

Feeling the gaze from above, she turned her head and buried her face in his chest.

As she breathed, she inhaled the scent of his body. It was pleasant, refreshing, like the fragrance of tea, and very pleasant.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Mia looked out of the window and sulked alone.

But then she came back to her senses from the familiar scenery. It was not the direction of Ethan's villa, but... the city center!

How much did he want to embarrass her?

"What the hell do you want?! Let me tell you, I have a temper. Don't push your luck!" Mia turned around and glared at Ethan. She would revenge for what had happened in the supermarket just now!

"Follow me obediently. If you run around again, you would be spanked." Ethan turned around and said in a sharp tone.

Mia couldn't help shivering. This was exactly the man when she first saw him, and this was who he really was!

They entered the shopping mall. Ethan took her to a brand shop.

"Mr. Su." The shop assistant said respectfully with a smile.

Ethan looked sideways at her and said, "Pick some clothes for the banquet."

Surprisingly, Mia didn't resist this time. She picked her clothes obediently. A black suit and a sky blue dress were soon chose.

Unexpectedly, Ethan's dissatisfied voice sounded, "Tie."

Damn it! Mia really wanted to curse.

But she still walked to the tie shop obediently. She picked the color she liked and pissed him off.

What an annoying voice! Ethan said again, "Ten!"

Mia glared back. Ten? To tie up a dog?

Under his pressure, she chose the tie obediently. When she was about to leave, Mia slowed down, clenched her fists and wiped her hands. When she was about to leave, she slapped on Ethan's buttocks.

Yeah! She won a round!

All of a sudden, a horrifying coldness rose and wrapped her. The next moment, she was pulled into arms, and then he pushed her. Mia slammed into the glass window behind her.

At this time, she saw Ethan's handsome face, as black as ink, and she was so happy that she was about to dance.

"Is it fun?" He reached out and pinched her face tightly with his index finger and thumb.

It hurt so much!

Mia replied vaguely, "As long as you have a long face, everything is fun."

"Okay." He nodded and pinched her with his slender fingers.


he pulled Mia into his arms.

The temperature from his body was not warm, but cold.

But it was okay. She just took him as a free air conditioner.

When they returned to the villa, Mia wanted to run away, but Ethan quickly grabbed her and threw her into his arms.

His breath touched her face, with an inexplicable familiarity. All of a sudden, it stirred her heart, making her nervous. She asked in a trembling voice, "What... What are you going to do? We... We have a contract."

He still didn't move. His sharp eyes stared at her, which made her even more nervous. "Let... Let me go!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Ethan suddenly pulled her to make her turn around, and then pressed her against the wall, with his big hand falling on her buttocks.

Mia was stunned and reacted to a fierce resistance. Ethan grabbed her by the arm, threw her on the sofa and pressed her down.

"Ethan, are you a man or not? Get out of my way! Let go of me!" Mia was so angry that her movements were confined. She could only use her mouth to resist and vent her anger.

"Try it again!" Ethan said coldly.

He was on top of her, but she couldn't see the situation clearly.

"You bastard! You are so unreasonable... HMM..."

The following prepared words were blocked in her mouth by the sudden soft lips. She stared at the enlarged face in front of her with her big eyes, and her head roared.

"Master... things..." When Aiden came out of Mia's room and saw the scene in the living room, he was stunned. A few seconds later, his soul returned to his body and quickly returned to the room.

He didn't see anything. He only hoped that master didn't see him, otherwise... He shivered and kept all the other thoughts in his mind.

Hearing the sound of Aiden, Mia's eyes moved, and her hands were easily imprisoned above her head by Ethan's hand. She twisted her body to resist, but his kiss deepened. Just when she felt out of breath and was about to die of oxygen deficiency, he stood up slightly, looked at the person under him and said, "Keep scolding. What else?"

"You freak! Bastard!"

Seeing that his lips were about to fall again, she quickly pursed her lips, but he bit her lips hard and then stood up.

Mia, who was free, shut up obediently this time. The disparity in strength was too great, and she had no advantage at all. She stood up and pushed Ethan, who was one step away, towards her room. Before entering the room, she turned around and roared, "You are a villain who only bullies women!"


Aiden rose from the sofa, looked at Mia, who was leaning against the door, and said softly, "I put your snacks in the food cabinet of the restaurant." He walked to the wardrobe and said, "All your clothes are in it. I've put the toiletries in the bathroom."

The temper was suppressed. Mia raised her head and said softly, "Thank you."

She couldn't vent her anger on Aiden, who was not to blame... It was Ethan who was to blame.

"You are welcome. If you still need anything, just tell me. Besides, I'll prepare food and snacks for you from now on."

"Thank you very much."

After sending Aiden away, Mia opened the wardrobe. There were all kinds of luxury brands, but none of them was hers. She casually took out a white dress with the trademark, which were all brand-new. As expected, Ethan, that freak, had too much money to spend.

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