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   Chapter 7 How Did He Dare To Say That She Has No Hot Figure

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The messy bed broke into Mia's eyes. For the first time, she thought she was stupid. Even if she wanted to step on a bed, she should step on Ethan's. Now she had to deal with the miserable situation by herself. How stupid she was!

A few minutes later, the bed was ready and she was sweating.

Ethan was elder than she and Mia believed that it was time for him to sleep. Thinking of this, she went out of the room and went to the bathroom. She wanted to take a simple shower, but she didn't expect that she became more and more thirsty.

She took out a new bath towel, wiped the water drops on her body, and picked up her clothes, but she couldn't put them on. She simply threw the clothes into the washing machine, adjusted it to quickly wash, wrapped in the bath towel and walked to the living room.

The floor-to-ceiling window of the living room was connected to the second floor. If one looked up a little, he could see the bright stars all over the sky. The starry sky was like a boundless ocean.

She poured herself a glass of water and came to the window.

The beautiful scenery would always bring people different mental release, and this starry sky, for the first time in the past few days, made her feel peaceful.

A glass of water quickly bottomed up, and the thirsty did not weaken at all. When she turned around and was about to pour herself another glass of water, a black figure flashed in front of her.

She tensed up instantly, holding the cup in one hand and the bath towel in the other. "Who! ?"

"Ding..." The light in the dining room was on, and the fridge was opened and then closed.

Mia walked over and poured herself a glass of water. Looking at his back, she said, "Haven't you heard that people will be scared to death?"

"Then please don't frighten me anymore." Ethan turned around and said lightly.

"I scared you? Come on. This joke is not funny at all. Please make some noise when you walk. I don't want to have heart failure at such a young age."

She needed to calm down!

She raised her head and drank up the water in her hand in one breath. Then she filled another glass for herself and turned to her room.

"You're disheveled, wrapped in a white bath towel, and standing still in front of the window. No one can tell the front and back of you. Aren't you scary?"

In the quiet night, these words were too harsh. She turned around and glared at Ethan, "How old are you? Don't be so soft!"

With a bang, Mia slammed the door.

It was estimated that her temper would change in less than three months. To be exact, she might tolerate anything.

'He had seen a lot of women, but he couldn't even tell the front from the back...'

All of a sudden, Mia frowned deeply. This guy said that she had no hot figure!?

Ethan, wait and see!

"Plop! Plop! Plop!" Mia gulped down the water and tried to calm down. She was not angry. She couldn't be angry. This was just the beginning. If she lost now, the rest of her life would be even worse.

After getting on the bed, she picked up her phone and sent a message to Aaron. After chatting for a while, she felt much better and sleepy.

After saying good night, she fell asleep.

Early in the morning, an annoying sound pulled her up from the bed. She looked at the source of the sound. What was this white square thing like a landline phone?

She got closer to it. The blue screen showed the time. It was over nine o'clock! Oh, my God!

She was thinking about getting up early to give Aaron a surprise.

Mia quickly got out of bed. She opened the door and went to the bathroom. After changing her clothes, she washed up and came to the living room.

The living room was empty, and there was a good breakfast on the table. Thinking about the horrible experience last night, she was more or less nervous when she saw the delicious food on the table. After sitting down, she cautiously took a bite. It tasted good.

After enjoying the breakfast, she went out.

It was more than half an hour later when she arrived at Aaron's company. It was almost noon, so she called him.

Before long, she saw the man as warm as the sun.

"Silly girl, why don't you find a place to wait for me?" Standing in front of her, he gently stroked her flushed face, and the sweat on both sides of her nose was easily wiped away by him.

"It doesn't matter. I didn't wait for long." She pulled down his warm palm and held it in her hand.

Because Aaron still had to work, Mia chose a fast food restaurant. When the food was served, she took out a delicately packaged gift box from her bag and placed it in front of him.

"Silly girl, you bought me a gift again." Aaron smiled, stopped what he was doing and opened the box. Then his smile became brighter, "You have a good taste."

"That's right. How can I pick you if I have a bad taste?" Mia naughtily blinked her eyes, and the joy in her heart spread.

After lunch, Aaron returned to the company. During the lunch, she didn't have the courage to speak out the difficulties she had faced in front of him. She had mentioned it once, but he refused her politely. If she mentioned it a second time, would it make him think that she was forcing him to marry her?

Suddenly, her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts.

A strange number jumped on the phone. She looked at it and answered, "Hello ~"

"Where are you?"

He went straight to the point. Without asking, Mia knew who was calling.

"Why do you have my number?" She never liked his sudden attack. Frowning, she continued, "I'm outside. What's up?"

She comforted herself that she was free!

"Go home!"

"I'll be back later." She had planned to go back, but when she heard what he said, she suddenly didn't want to go back.

"You want me to catch you?"

"Whatever." Mia rolled her eyes and hung up the phone decisively.

After leaving the restaurant, Mia went to a nearby supermarket.

When the shopping cart was full of snacks, she walked to the checkout counter with satisfaction. Mia couldn't cook, so she had to stock some snacks for not being hungry.

"Wow, look, this man is so handsome."

"He is wearing famous brands. Who is he? Why don't I know anything about him?"

"Maybe they are relatives."

The disorderly discussion attracted the attention of Mia. In MY City, there were many upper class celebrities who were not exposed.

Looking in the direction of the woman's gaze, she was startled and almost jumped up. She turned the cart quickly and ran away.

This guy shouldn't have come to catch her. No, no, it couldn't be!

"Mia!" The cold voice behind her was full of anger, and Mia's back was rigid. The next second, she sped up.

Within two steps, her collar was grabbed in a hand, and her feet were dangling. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move forward any more.

"Is it fun?" A cold and smiling voice sounded behind her head.

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