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   Chapter 6 Balanced Nutrition

Craving For You By JENNIFER JARVIS Characters: 6708

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"Then where is my room?" Mia's eyes twitched. This guy was really fast.

Aiden looked at the second floor and took her to the room on the first floor. The room was decorated in a simple style and the color was white. The whole room was nothing but white.

"Master doesn't like others to go to the second floor. If you have any problem, you can just call me." After she looked away, Aiden handed her the business card.

Mia took the business card and put it directly into her small bag. Compared with the old man, she preferred to deal with Aiden. Although she had a cold impression of Aiden, it was much better than that one.

As soon as Aiden left the room, Mia locked the door and sat on the bedside alone. After a long time, she raised her red face and shouted, "Damn you!"

'Ethan must have sent someone to keep an eye on me. Otherwise, why do I fall into this trap as soon as I escaped from another?'


Mia irritably rolled on the bed, trying to vent her depression in this way.

Two striking words kept flashing across her mind, 'Damn it!'

Now it was less than three hours, and she felt that she was trapped. How could she survive in three months? She must be trapped to death.

"Click..." The door lock was suddenly twisted. Mia looked at it in a hurry, only to see a man in black standing at the door, and she sat on the bed with a spin.

"What are you doing?" She patted her chest and shouted at the person at the door.

The night fell, and the light outside the door made the shadow on the ground look slender.

Ethan clenched the doorknob and looked at Mia, who was kneeling on the bed, with his legs separated. The corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily, and the next moment there was a loud bang.

Sitting on the bed, Mia was dumbfounded. It seemed that this guy had more labels on him: cunning, impolite, inexplicable.

She pulled her long hair back and got out of bed. But when she saw the bed beside her was a mess, she was stunned and burst into laughter the next moment.

She knew how to revenge.

If he forced her, she would return the favor. 'Just annoy him. Even if it's useless, it's good to irritate him.'

Thinking of this, she felt somehow happy.

When she came to the living room, it was completely dark outside. Ethan was on the phone, far away, and she couldn't hear clearly.

Hearing the sound, he looked back at her and ended the call with a few words. Then he put his phone back into his pocket, but did not want to talk to her.

Humph... She didn't want to talk to him at all!

However, she was hungry now. She sneered, "Mr. Su is really free. He doesn't knock when entering other person's room. He doesn't prepare dinner even it is dark."

"Everything in this villa is mine. Who's other person?" As he spoke, he sat down on the armchair opposite her, raised his hand and pointed at Mia, "Don't forget, even you are mine. My fi! an! cee!"

Ethan stressed the last word, but he felt so familiar with the scene.

"Just acting! I didn't ask you to pay, so you should be happy. Don't over think it..."

"It seems that you don't need to have dinner." He stood up and said. His voice was so low, which sounded like whispering to himself.

Mia blinked and followed him closely.

Dinner was already on the table, with meat and vegetables mat

ching, four dishes and one soup. She was a vegetarian and was not interested in meat, but this vegetable was enough for her.

She didn't know who cooked it. A simple dish of fried vegetables made her drool. As soon as she sat down, she heard an annoying voice beside her.

"Sorry, I didn't prepare your dinner. The kitchen is over there. " Holding the chopsticks, Ethan pointed to a direction behind her.

She looked back at the kitchen and decisively gave up the idea of cooking by herself. She turned her head and said, "Can you finish it all by yourself? Waste is shameful."

Then she picked up the chopsticks and started to eat...

When she ate the vegetables, her face suddenly changed. She asked vaguely, "Bath... Bathroom? "

He picked up the food gracefully and chewed it slowly. He didn't even frown when she made a noise. He just pointed to the bathroom after she asked.

A few minutes later, Mia went back to the table with a long face. She saw the elegant look on Ethan's face, and then she put the "delicious" vegetable dish in front of him and said, "Don't always eat meat. Only when meat and vegetables match can you keep fit."

Since she left, the vegetables were untouched!

"No." He glanced coldly and continued to stretch out his chopsticks for the meat.

Mia took away the meat he liked. Ethan turned to another plate. She also took the other plate away, and now there were only two vegetable dishes and soup left in front of him.

He put down his chopsticks and looked at her, "Can you eat quietly?"

"Of course I can." She was so hungry that she almost starved to death. But the salt just now almost killed her. She smiled and said, "Have a taste. I will eat quietly."

As soon as she finished speaking, he looked at her as if he was looking at an idiot, which made her more suspicious of him. But her counterattack was not very smart.

"Coo..." Her stomach protested. Mia felt embarrassed.

Well, she'd better find an opportunity to return him a favor...

When she came up with such a stupid idea, she didn't expect that Ethan would move chopsticks.

Seeing his action, she held back her laughter and craned her neck to wait for his reaction. His angular face moved...

After eating, she saw how he could pretend to be elegant later. Ha...

Well... He swallowed.

He... He swallowed the vegetables.

No matter how weird this guy was, he wouldn't have such a strong taste. Was it because of her bad luck that she picked up a vegetable that hadn't been fried well?

She put down the plate in her hand and picked up another one. She only had a slight taste on her tongue and then put the vegetables aside. Was there something wrong with his taste?

Another dish of vegetables…Compared with that one, it was so normal. But it tasted so flat.

Mia stopped after eating half a bowl of rice.

When she ate, she kept thinking that if her taste had something wrong. She picked up the chopsticks and ate carefully with a piece of sparerib, only to find that it was the most normal thing...

She thought she knew what was going on...

She put away her chopsticks and went back to her room. She had a new understanding of this guy's weirdness.

How could he be soft to others since he was so cruel to himself? It seemed that she had to find another way to revenge.

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