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   Chapter 5 Being Kidnapped

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"Aaron, will you marry me?"

"Baby, don't be silly. Didn't you say that we would get married after you came back from your further study?"

"Well, well." Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she couldn't tell him the truth.

"Honey, don't think about it. You know I love you, and I want you to be the happiest bride." His voice was warm and sweet, just like maltose, which made her heart beat faster and gradually she indulged into his gentleness.

"Okay, go ahead with your work. I'm going to read a book."

After hanging up the phone, Mia took out a well packed gift box from the drawer. She opened the white packing box and saw a sky blue tie inside. This color was very suitable for Aaron, making him as warm as sunshine.

'No, I have to go out.'

Ten minutes later, Mia managed to escape. After taking a deep breath of fresh air, the kind of release in Mia's heart instantly spread all over her body.

Giving up the idea of driving away, she walked out.

However, what she didn't know was that not far behind her, Aiden saw her cautious look. It was not until Mia gradually distanced herself from him that he took out his phone and dialed. "Mr. Ethan, Mia really ran away."

After walking for about twenty minutes, Mia saw a small number of taxis. The hot sun was basking above her head. She could only keep walking to the roadside, trying to leave this place which made her nervous as soon as possible.

"Creak..."A harsh sound of brake came from the side.

Mia was shocked and stepped back uncontrollably. When do people drive Rolls-Royce like this? There is no one but the road in their eyes?

She rolled her eyes at the driver's seat and strode to the left, trying to stay away from the crazy driver.

At this time, an empty taxi passed by, which made her very surprised. She trotted two steps and waved her arms hard.

All of a sudden, Mia's body lost its focus and she was spinning around.

She hurriedly reached out to grab anything that could give her a sense of security, but unexpectedly, there was a violent heartbeat under her palm. She looked up at the person in front of her and was shocked. "Oh my god, why are you here? "

The man didn't reply. He just kept a poker face. Mia didn't struggle hard until she was stuffed into the car. Because just now, no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't escape from his arms.

"Don't move!" Ethan got on the car, fastened the seat belt and twisted the key in one go.

"Hey, where are you taking me! Let me off! !”


Mia was thrown to the left and right, and finally she couldn't control herself and threw herself at Ethan. Her face hit his shoulders and it hurts so much. She was so angry that she opened her mouth and bit his shoulders so hard. However, no matter how hard she tried, Ethan didn't say anything, but increased the speed.


This time, Mia didn't even have a chance to shake left and right. She was thrown to the empty place in front of the passenger seat. She raised her head and shouted at him, "Are you crazy? How can you drive like this? "

"Uncle always drives like this." He replied coldly.

'I had seen stingy men, but I had never seen a man as stingy as him. Wasn't it just that I had said he was an old man and he should have revenged on me in such a bad way so soon.'

Mia helped herself up slowly and fastened the seat belt quickly after sitting down.

The car didn't

slow down until it finally stopped in front of the villa.

After getting off the car, she touched her chest and retched. She felt that her internal organs were shaking and she was uncomfortable.

Ethan didn't stop and said coldly, "Follow me!"

Mia rolled her eyes helplessly and had to follow him.

When she came to the living room, Ethan had already sat on the sofa, but his cold eyes were fixed on her.

"Mia." He called her name coldly. Before she could answer, he asked, "do you really think I can't cure you?"

Mia looked back at him blankly. 'This man really doesn't deserve such a good-looking face. He was completely insane. Did I need him to treat me?'

"Wouldn't you wait one more day? Why are you so eager to move in? " He flicked the bangs on his forehead and said in an ambiguous tone.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Mia shook her handbag on her shoulder and continued, "since you're here, let's talk?"

Before Ethan could say anything, she asked directly, "what can I do to make you cancel the marriage?"

"Ha ha!" Ethan sneered, pulled off the tie from his neck and threw it on the sofa. With his straight and slender legs crossed, he looked at her and said slowly, "it's impossible to cancel it. If you behave well, I will let you go back in three months. "

"What do you mean?"

"Nominal." He answered coldly.

"No way!"

'Even if I got remarried with Ethan in name only, I would become a remarried woman nominally. At that time, how could I face Aaron?'

"You have no choice!" The cold and oppressive voice decisively enveloped Mia.

'Domineering, selfish, rude, and neurotic......

Except for his handsome face, what else did he have?' Mia's face darkened, but the universe in her heart was difficult to calm down for a long time.

"Why three months? What do you need me to do these days?" 'Not to mention that I couldn't defeat Ethan at present, even if I had the strength to fight, I wouldn't dare.

If I really pissed him off, I didn't dare to think about the crisis that the Yao family had to face and the difficulties my mother, my sister and I had to face.'

Hearing her words, Ethan turned his head. His arrogance and coldness made Mia more and more unhappy.How could there be such an arrogant person!

"Cooperate!", after a long time, Ethan said two words with his red lips slightly twitching.

Mia rolled her eyes, resisted the urge to tear him apart, and said, "It's okay if it has anything to do with the marriage, except for the rest."

At this time, the sound of footsteps stopped Ethan from saying anything more. When Aiden came to the living room, his eyes wandered between the two people but quickly retracted. Then he said, "I've informed the Yao family."

"Okay." Ethan nodded and went up to the second floor.

Mia was confused and peeked at Aiden several times, but she didn't know if she should ask.

When Mia looked at Aiden again, she met his eyes. Then she said in a hurry, "I'm going back."

After saying that, she stood up and wanted to leave, but an arm in front of her blocked her way.

'This move again!'

"I have dealt with the Yao family. From now on, you will live here. " Looking at the little girl in front of him who was angry but pretended to be calm, a smile appeared on Aiden's face.

Although he didn't know why Mr. Ethan chose Mia, he felt this girl may be good to be young and energetic.

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